Teaching Children With ADHD

A Teacher’s Guide

By: Julie Campbell




What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder?


"FAQ: Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder, Hyperactive, ADD-ADHD, ADD/ADHD, AD(H)D, ADHD


There is a lot of confusion about different types of attention deficit disorders. This site helps teachers and parents distinguish between them, and also suggests a number of other possibilities that need to be investigated before determining that a child has a form of attention deficit.


National Attention Deficit Disorder Association


This website has a great deal of information on all aspects of attention deficit as well as a comprehensive list of resources that are available throughout the country.


Chaos in the Classroom: Looking at ADHD // by Steven C. ...


This article from Educational Leadership by Steven Schlozman and Vivien R. Schlozman gives an excellent overview and explanation of the nature of attention deficit disorder as well as some practical advice for teachers.


WebMD - Health has a homepage
... ADD/ADHD. ...


This is another site that has a clear and practical explanation of what ADHD is and how to find appropriate treatment and strategies.





Behavior Checklists


adhd checklist


Teachers cannot diagnose ADHD but they can be aware of certain behaviors that might indicate that a student should be referred for testing. This site makes it clear that medication is not always in order.


ADHD Symptom Checklist


This is a checklist by the American Association of Family Physicians which teachers might find helpful as a preliminary diagnostic tool.



Identifying ADD/ADHD in the Classroom


This site takes a more subjective approach to understanding the behavior that might indicate that a student has an attention deficit disorder and it suggests some innovations that might assist the teacher in dealing with difficult situations.




Classroom Strategies


LD Online: Helping the Student with ADHD in the Classroom


This site has some very good suggestions specifically for teachers. The article by Stephen Brock encourages teachers to think about the way they communicate with their students and how they might maximize the chances that all students will understand what is required of them.


ADD ADHD Library : More Classroom Tips for Teachers with ...


This site has a comprehensive selection of modifications that teachers can make in their classrooms to enhance learning for children with ADHD. The suggestions come from teachers who have dealt with this disorder firsthand and have discovered for themselves what works and what does not.


ADHD 133 classroom modifications


This is an excellent site for all teachers. Many of the suggestions here can be applied to any classroom situation to improve the quality of teaching and learning.


ADHD Awareness Week - Classroom Accomodations for Children ...


Many of the suggestions from this site were from the Alaska School District and again, from teachers who have learned how to deal with ADHD from experience.


Teaching Tips: ADHD


This site contains ideas from many teachers who share what works for them in dealing with their ADHD students.






Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) in the Classroom


This is a great site from the Center for Psychology in Florida for teachers who want more information on ADHD and other learning problems.


Amazon.com: buying info: The ADD/ADHD Checklist


The book An Add/ADHD Checklist seems to be the most widely recommended book available on this topic at the current time.




A list of books and other resources for individuals requiring more information