Spanish resources

Bienvenidos to a resource centered around Spanish!  We hope that this site helps you locate the Spanish information you need to find on the internet.

Resources to aid in translating Spanish to English or English to Spanish:

Babylon  Spanish-English dictionaries to download.

 E-lingo   Translates the internet to Spanish for you!  Translate text or the internet to Spanish.

 Systran   Use this all-encompassing tool to translate personal files and use 21 subject specific dictionaries for accuracy!

 Altavista   Conduct a topical search and click on the "translate" button to pick which language you prefer.

Learning the Internet:  Resources in Spanish:

 Guia de herramientas en el Internet   A great listing of Internet resources in Spanish from the Universidad Jesuita en Guadalajara.

 Una ventana al mundo de internet  A great listing of Internet tutorials for beginners and up.

 Internet Resources for Latin America   Includes a great tutorial on Latin America Internet and Finding Resources!

 CiberCentro  Many Internet-related tutorials from Latin America.

 Spanish Internet Services Providers Directory and Resources   A good listing.

Spanish Language K-12 Curriculum:

 Integrating Math, Science and Language  Resources to increase achievement of Hispanic primary-grade children for whom English is a second language.

 Pre-school, primary and middle school resources from the American Institute of Monterrey  Pre-school, primary and middle school resources, especially good for bilingual programs to see examples of student work.

 Annotated Bibliography of Chicano/Latino Literature for Children  Helps you to choose interesting Chicano/Latino literature for use in the classroom or outside.  Books are grouped in categories of picture books, fiction and non-fiction, and there are resources for adults to help in choosing literature.

 Digital Desert Library Project  This project and others with it are appealing.  This site has sections for students and teachers and links to other New Mexico aspects to use in the classroom.

 California PASS Curriculum Home Page  Online courses and resources for migrant students.  Check out the way that California is trying to reach a mobile population of students and help them be successful in school.  More and more PASS curriculum is being converted to the web format.

 Instructional Technology Development Consortium Primary and Secondary Projects  Webquest activities and resouces, grouped by primary and secondary.  None are specific to Spanish but cover a variety of other subjects and could be further integrated among subjects.  Nice example of a variety of webquests.

Spanish Language (Teaching and Learning):  These sites are listed with the ones appearing the most helpful at the top of the list.

Human Languages Page!   Links to many, many language pages, grouped by language in to directories.  Once you choose Spanish expect to find everything from information about Castillian Spanish to sites for newspapers in Spanish.  Great resource for educators!

Language Lesson Plans & Resources  Includes sections on web sites for language learning, resources for educators and links to culture and museum exhibits.  A plethora of language teaching ideas for educators, so take time to browse.

Espanole! On-Line Resource for Students and Teachers   Wow!  This site is full of links for both students and teachers and includes culture, food, teaching resources, countries...prepare to spend some time checking out all that this site offers to educators or those just interested in Spanish.

TeachSpanish Free Spanish Lesson Plans   Lesson plans grouped by primary, middle school and high school levels with topics easily identified.  Topics range from Spanish recipes to travel to Day of the Dead.  This is a resource that keeps growing so check back occasionally.

 Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators  From an educator to educators!  This site has links to culture, teaching Spanish, sites by regions of the world...take time to explore.

 Lanic: Latin American Resources  Primary and secondary Latin American resources.  This site has some great links for adults and children alike.

Click here for Spanish Language Links  A listing of multiple links for Spanish instructors.  Find sites for reading, writing, speaking and listening to Spanish.  Links run the gamut from grammar exercises to culture to a parent section.

 Quia (Quintessential Instructional Archive)  20 Spanish games and quizzes and tools to let teachers create their own online games.  This is a good resouce to let students practice their Spanish skills if they have access to a computer at home or at school.

 University of Tennessee--Martin Spanish  A good listing of Spanish language listservs, search engines and links, as well as information of online Spanish courses and lessons, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.

 About Teaching Resources--Spanish Language  On a site that offers homework help to students in all subject areas.  Lots of teacher resources are on here too.

 Encarta Language Learning  At this site sign up for a free Spanish lesson a day or take an evaluation to determine which free online Spanish course is appropriate for your skill level.

 Carlex Spanish  Sponsored by Carlex, this site has lesson ideas and teacher resources, as well as where to find supplies for teaching Spanish.

 Jim Becker's Super Spanish Resources  This site has a huge number of Spanish resouces grouped by country, as well as links for learning and teaching Spanish.  The graphics on this site are amazing too, and you can tell that Jim keeps this site updated and is always looking for new sites to post a link for.

 Senora Espitia's Spanish Page  This site created by a high school Spanish teacher and curriculum designer has multiple links grouped by class level.  For each class she gives specific ideas for units and uses graphics and sound to make her site appealing.

 Colonel Craig's Spanish WWW Links  All sorts of Spanish links sorted by country, as well as jokes, exercises to hone Spanish skills, and numerous links to culture.

 Juan Manuel Soto Arrivi's Home Page  A Spanish professor at the college level offters grammar, web exercises, vocabulary, tools to use the internet, programs, and more.

 Richard Lee and B.H.S.N.'s Spanish Home Page  Many Spanish links from grammar exercises, country links, currency, and national anthems of Spanish-speaking countries.  Valuable links to translators, dictionaries, lessons and activities, Latin music, and more.  Created and updated by a high school Spanish teacher and his students.

 Rick Mc Callister's Spanish Page  At the university level this page offers Spanish help pages, literary and linguistic resources, sites to learn Spanish, culture, music, and food.

 Kathleen McGregor's Spanish Page  This site has a great focus on Hispanic literature, organized by country, art, culture, music, and history.  A great resource for teachers of literature courses in Spanish and more.

 Gateway to Educational Materials  Type in Spanish (or any other subject), choose your age focus and look for a whole listing of learning resources to pop up on your screen.  Useful for lesson ideas when inspiration is lacking.

  Click here for Foreign Language Clip Art (includes verbs!)   This is a great resource for images for flashcards, web pages, etc. If your artistic skills aren't a priority this site will help you illustrate words in Spanish.

 El Alfabeto Espanol (Spanish Alphabet)  Students illustrated each letter of the alphabet and wrote a sentence to go with the drawing.  Very cute site and might give you some ideas about a similar project.

 La Musica  Look up Spanish music and get the latest news in this area.  Reel students in to learning Spanish with something they're into!

 Latinas: Site for the #1 Spanish Cable TV Station  General Spanish television-oriented links.  Yes, television does help in comprehending Spanish!