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 Lone Eagle Consulting's
Native Self-Empowerment Webtour

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At the end of this webtour, marked by flaming animations, are 3 short videos that will challenge your creative imagination
 for what you can do as 4 billion young, mostly poor, people come online for the first time; by 2020.
Well worth the 20 minutes to view all three.


Native youth, given broadband access, even limited to smartphones, now have a global voice,
and the choice as to how to use it; specifically to share traditional Native values for all
global citizens to be stewards of the Earth, and of our
one human family.

“We’re all in the same canoe, and we all need to learn how to paddle in the same direction."

While many resources follow, please invest 8 minutes of your time to view the video
summary immediately below of the 2012-2013 Digitizing Alaska; Broadband Strategies,
NTIA Technical Assistance pilot project conducted by the Consortium for Digital
Learning and Connect Alaska, in partnership with Lone Eagle Consulting.

The Alaska Native Tradition of Creative Adaptation
An 8 minute summary video strongly recommended to view before continuing this webtour

Learn more: http://lone-eagles.com/digitizing-metlakatla.htm

The Digitizing Alaska project inspired this Phase II NTIA Technical Assistance pilot project,

"The Alaska Native Innovations Incubator" 2014-2015 led by
Lone Eagle Consulting; http://lone-eagles.com/incubator.htm   Teaching creative adaptation
within the Alaska Native cultural context as a model for all villages willing to learn how to
sustain themselves, culturally, socially, and economically amid accelerating change.
Within the incubator are short video tutorials to accelerate fast-track learning;

How to create a local youth-driven innovations incubator (5 minutes)


Blandin Foundation Annual Conference Event, Nov. 2015;
A Native Youth Digital Storytelling Workshop;

The First Ojibwe Digital Generation:

Reframing the Rural Broadband Vision Based on Native Values

All workshop creations and resources for replication are to be shared without
restriction; http://lone-eagles.com/storytelling.htm  and

Lone Eagle Consulting's Input 2016 for the
National Broadband Research Agenda (10 pages)

Specific research recommendations in a readable historical narrative.

Lone Eagle Consulting's June 2015 Broadband Opportunities

pages, and there is a global business model recommendation at the end.

It is the end results that matter most, and we need an authentic grassroots initiative
to validate the most scalable benefits and fast-track train-the-trainer models.

Lone Eagle's nationally published articles on this theme;
America's Challenge for Mass Innovation http://lone-eagles.com/mass-innovation.pdf

Other articles; http://lone-eagles.com/digitizing-alaska.pdf and http://lone-eagles.com/silver-tsunami.pdf

Lone Eagle Collected Recent Articles, Reports, and Online Resources
Created April 2017 is this extensive listing of recent high level reports from the Pew
and other foundations, and many articles representative of the accelerating change
that we're all going to have to mitigate as best we can, together.

Resources from Lone Eagle Consulting;

Lone Eagle's Youtube Playlist created for the Arctic Broadband Forum event, May 2017
Short videos you can use to show others what's possible for inspiring local events.

Lone Eagle's Youtube Channel

Hydaburg Flyer for Ilisagvik Tribal College Innovations Incubator:

March 2016 a unique dual credit course sponsored by Ilisagvik College was delivered along
with multiple community workshops.

Hydaburg Sample Cultural Expressions Website

A sample free weebly website showcasing extensive video interviews with Hagu,
a Haida carver and elder, and Haida language classes for first and fifth grades.

Anyone can easily create a website like this for free in just minutes at www.weebly.com
with the weebly app you can create and manage websites from your smartphone.

Want to see what more you can do?

See the very short awareness videos at http://lone-eagles.com/what-you-can-do-too.htm

From the Metlakatla Canoe Club for At-Risk Native Youth:

We Need Role Models; Tsimshian youth speak out - 2 minutes


Screencast http://www.screencast.com/t/2O7Fn2GtiV


Liwaayda Canoe Society:
Facebook page:


Weebly web site:


Austin Broadband Communities Conference 2015 Frank’s presentation videos

Rural Innovation Diffusion and You - 12 minutes




School, Health, Library Broadband Coalition (SHLB)
video capture of my "Sustainable Localism in Alaska" presentation, in DC 2015 (20 minutes)


Learn more about Frank’s 18 years working with Alaska Native villages,
and teaching Alaskan educators, online.

Frank's short biography and three articles with links to his Alaskan work.)  


Lone Eagle Youtube Channel Videos:
Short and exciting videos showing Alaska Native village innovations.

Getting Serious About Best Practices:



Recent articles for Broadband Communities Magazine: www.bbcmag.com 

Most Recent Broadband Communities Magazine published articles

Rural Broadband and Quality of Life
May 2017

Unleashing Creativity, by Frank Odasz


The Challenge for Mass Innovation


The Silver Tsunami

Digitizing Alaska



This is a wonderful 45 minute video from First Nations in BC to share broadly and to set the stage

for digital self-empowerment workshops;

Cedar and Silicon on Vimeo


Please view this 30 second video;

Web Raising for BC First Nations  

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGaDw8EqVcA  (30 seconds)

18 Ecommerce websites in 45 minutes

*Frank has been teaching rural teachers online for 32+ years.

Frank's  online courses for both educators and citizens (youth workforce in particular) are
at http://lone-eagles.com/guides.htm   I’ve taught Alaskan educators for 18 years online via
Alaska Pacific University and the Alaska Staff Development Network. 

One of Frank's
more unique online curriculums is specifically for Native HS dropouts,
funded by the AK Dept of Labor, 2011; 

The 21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy

Designed to self-employ youth as online peer trainers by creating for-profit Instructional
Entrepreneurship businesses. One of the most important digital skills is to be able to
quickly find the best new resources online to bring home to fuel the home fires
of local innovation on an ongoing basis.

Frank's Native and rural grant templates are at http://lone-eagles.com/rural-grant-templates.htm 
one of his most recent grant proposals is http://lone-eagles.com/healthy-families.htm

Native-Specific Digital Montessori Resources for PreK 

Learn about Pre-K digital learning using iPads.
multiple Native Innovation Centers from universities in Canada and the U.S.

Frank has presented for an AIHEC (American Indian Higher Education Consortium)
conference in Missoula, and wrote a paper for
AIHEC; http://lone-eagles.com/aihec.htm and one for a national Indian Vocational
Education project, http://lone-eagles.com/indian-voc-ed.htm and one for an Australian
academic indigenous conference http://lone-eagles.com/village-sustainability.htm and
one related to environmental stewardship http://lone-eagles.com/nativehearts.htm


And here is my University of Montana/Western; Vita Last updated; 2011


Another recent resource are Frank's short videos showing multiple easy tools for
preserving elders stories and wisdom for all future generations;


An extensive collection of Native American and Alaska Native online innovations created for the FCC's Indian Telecom Initiative website in 2006
http://lone-eagles.com/best.htm   Includes extensive First Nations resources from Canada.

700 web pages of resources are at http://lone-eagles.com/  -
use the internal search engine to search by topic;

native, ecommerce, telework, etc.

People-Centered Rural Community Networking article archives


Frank Odasz, President, Lone Eagle Consulting
Email: frank@lone-eagles.com Cell: 406 925 2519

Bio for Frank Odasz, Secretary for the Rural Telecom Congress;


And here is my University of Montana/Western Vita - Last updated 2011

flame.gif (1381 bytes)    IMPORTANT:  Take 15 minutes and watch the following three videos.  flame.gif (1381 bytes)

www.boldbook.com has a short video at the site that talks about amazing new opportunities.
Here’s a compelling short video:
Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World


See how Google and Facebook plan to bring 4 billion young people online from all over the world by 2020
using balloons and solar-powered drones. SERIOUSLY?!


Airbus Zepher solar powered drone microsatellites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwfbEMe5a4I


Google loon balloons 

Alaska Villages Initiative Rural Small Business Conference webinar video - Tech Hubs in Remote Communities
YouTube Live Stream (Public):
1 1/2 hours, Frank presents the last 20 minutes but the whole event is insightful.

I Am Yup'ik - ESPN Films: 30 for 30 - ESPN.com
Exceptionally well done video showing cultural relevance of basketball in Alaska Native villages.

Rural Telecom Congress (RTC)
A unique grassroots organization that started 18 years ago for local grassroots champions
exploring the benefits of citizens building local community capacity, online, initially using BBS's.
We've come full circle, with federal agencies now realizing how essential local grassroots champions
are for promoting the benefits of "getting online" which is now called "broadband adoption."
The author, Frank Odasz, serves as secretary for the RTC.

RTC Broadband Toolkits Wiki

Panel for the 2016 Broadband Communities Rural Telecom Congress national conference;

Rural Broadband Issues for Tribal Nations and the Developing World 
**Full agenda and the Rural Program are at http://www.bbcmag.com/2016s

This panel will consider challenges and solutions for ensuring the effective use and adoption of broadband in tribal communities.
What are meaningful measures of broadband usage?
What are the best practices for creating measurable benefits across diverse intended audiences?
How can FTTH, wireless, smartphones, and social media be used as platforms for innovation?
Find out why “the heart of the problem is the heart of the opportunity.”

Frank Odasz – President, Lone Eagle Consulting, Member, RTC Board

Dileep Agrawal – Information Technology and Services, Katmandu, Nepal
Julia Pulidindi – Broadband Analyst, Advantage Engineers
Bill Coleman – CommunityTechnologyAdvisors.com, Consultant to Blandin Foundation
Richard Lowenberg – Founding Director, 1st-Mile Institute

Panelists Contact Info:
Speaker short bios are at http://www.bbcmag.com/2016s/pages/16speakers.php
(except for Dileep. See his summary notes at the end of this page.)

Dileep Agrawal - ISP in Katmandu, Nepal -
His five case studies are available, contact Frank Odasz or

From my former student Dileep Agrawal, now an ISP in Katmandu, Nepal

Challenges and benefits of rural broadband in the Nepalese Himalayas
The contribution of broadband penetration to economic growth has been established
by numerous studies.  In order to unleash these benefits, first of all, the infrastructure
must be built.  Despite the challenges of geography and power, we have been involved
in extending Internet to remote village communities in Nepal primarily using unlicensed
wireless technologies.  My presentation will focus on how we are achieving this and the
immediate benefits it brings.  Most of our connectivity in rural areas is 1Mbps or less,
which would not qualify as broadband in America under FCC’s guidelines. 
However, this “narrowband” connectivity is sufficient to enable Skype video
conferencing, watch educational videos, share online media, access social networking sites,
receive payments, and in general, “get connected”.  I will present 5 case studies of how
connectivity is being used in rural Nepal for the betterment of the entire community.

Richard Lowenberg's Whitepaper -
The Digital Divide: A 1st-Mile Perspective

          Richard Lowenberg

1st-Mile Institute
P.O. Box 8001, Santa Fe, NM 87504
505-989-9110;   505-603-5200 cell
rl@1st-mile.com  www.1st-mile.com

Bill Coleman's Powerpoint: http://lone-eagles.com/bill-coleman.pptx


Referenced by Julia Pulidindi's Powerpoint: http://lone-eagles.com/JPulidindi.pptx
The Hole in the Wall

Julia Pulidindi  |  Broadband Analyst
240-401-3270 (m) | 443-367-0003 (o) | jpulidindi@advantageengineers.com |

Advantage Engineers  |  250 10th Street, NE, #2123, Atlanta, GA 30309 |

The Hole in Wall experiment in India demonstrated how kids taught themselves
how to use a computer placed in a hole in the wall.  Here's a recent 18 minute
TED talk from that project founder - related to Love of Learning,  models for
self-directed learning where teachers are not affordable,  and kids as the global solution.

Note: The Granny Cloud refers to Elders mentoring youth as they engage in self-directed
digital learning - simply by giving youth encouragement and attention: Most youth need
a minimum of five adult mentors to encourage learning, and the 'the love of learning.'