Here are some links that I have found to be extremely useful for myself and my students....


J Words  - Japanese-English and English-Japanese conversion, has Kana search too

Kids Goo - Japanese language page, good searching tools for primary level students

Japanese - English Dictionary Interface - English language page, simple word search with multiple parameters you can select, includes Romanji and has some links to other resources

Babylon Dictionary and Translator - English language page, can translate words or entire documents and URLs, large documents tend to lead to obscure and not very understandable (literal) meanings; better for single words.


Japanese Textbook Discussion board - Open discussion and postings about most currently available Japanese textbooks

Nihongo Online - Sub page from the Google Search engine, Japanese language, discussion groups, resources, and links

Association for Teachers of Japanese - English Page; Teaching materials, newsletters, discussion groups, job listings, numerous links to resources and materials

National Council of Japanese Language Teachers - English language site; Membership required. Newsletter, honors award system, standards, professional development, conferences, scholarships

Kanji Step - Online resources and learning pages for teachers and students; wonderful animated Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana learning pages; lots of reference and source materials...numerous links


Sasuga Japanese Bookstore - Book search, online ordering of books from Japan

Bonjinsha Online - Japanese language site; online ordering of Bonjinsha books

Paul Lang's Japanese Bookstore - Interfaces with; A listing of all Japanese language, art, culture, and literature books available with a link to ordering from amazon.


Thumb Nail Graphics - Useful collection of Japanese - based graphics and pictures, searchable by word of phrase for meaningful representations

Image Database for Instructors of Japanese  - Simple page with good graphics and photos for basic classes; Kana chart, signs, emotions, household objects, etc, etc...

Java Kanji Flashcards 500 - 500 basic kanji flashcards - very easy and understandable. Good links to other resources.


Japanese for Young English Speakers - Great page that is extremely useful for my students!

On-line Learning and Teaching with the Japanese Language System - Newer site; divided into lessons; entirely written in Japanese, very thorough teaching of basic Japanese

Nihongo wo Manabou - Japanese language site; learn basic, elementary Japanese using animated comics, great site for primary level students!

Japanese Language Education System for Speech on an On-demand Network (LESSON/J) - Wonderful page! Custom-design a quiz in Japanese by native language and grade level; correctly pronounces the words for you as you take your quiz!

Mangarama - Manga-based learning, very popular with the students!

Japanese Lesson From Basics - Great page with several lessons created by a Japanese teacher living in the Philippines.


Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks - The ultimate Japanese resource link page - Keiko has been diligently collecting these links for years and the result is a treasure trove of every useful and interesting link imaginable!


I hope these sites prove to be of great use to you as they have to me!