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A Web Tour of Quality Alaska Native Arts and Crafts Web Sites and Galleries

Below you will find a directory of web sites for Alaska Native Artists and Crafters, or the galleries that carry their work.

HaidaDesignPurses and totes are all hand made. Haida Designs are meticulously hand cut and hand stitched on to high quality fabrics.  Various Haida Designs available. A very simple site of a single artist. http://groups.msn.com/HaidaDesignPurses

A variety of crafts made by residents of Toksook Bay, Alaska. Simple site, yet has nice graphics. http://members.aol.com/glincoln45/Kipusvik.htm    

Credo's Natural Stone and Beadwork, a site for mostly Tlingit cedar and spruce root basketry by a single artist. http://www.geocities.com/alaskanativebaskets/index.htm

A virtual gallery for a variety of Native Alaskan Art. A very quality, well constructed site.

A site which includes many bone, stone and ivory carvings by both Alaskan and Canadian Eskimo artists and even a small amount of Northwest Coast style wood carvings. A straightforward site.

A homegrown, but glitzy little site for arts from Mekoryak, Alaska on Saint Lawrence Island. Includes animation and midi. I really ike this site. http://www.oscarsoriginals.com/

An attractive site by what looks like to be a person of Native extraction living outside Alaska. http://www.yupikmask.com/

The very nice little site for a single artist, Teri Rofkar, which markets her work in Tlingit basketry and weaving. Beautiful!

Bristol Bay Artists

A straight forward, yet wonderful site for an exquisite art form- the Chilkat blanket. Ann Brown Ehlers is a Tlingit artist from Juneau, Alaska.

Pretty traditional, yet attractive portion of a larger, Vermont based gallery. This portion features only Alaska Native work. Good photos.

One of my favorite galleries, located in Port Townsend, Washington. My wife and I have sold work here. Not only for Alaska Natives, but has separate page for their work. Simple interface, but attractive. http://www.ancestralspirits.com/ws/welcome.html

Related Clearing houses, Promoters, Non-Native Artists, Etc.

Alaska Art was created to promote Alaska Native culture to admirers seriously interested in purchasing art.


A resource directory for individual Native artists of Alaska. http://alaskanativearts.net/submitevent.htm

NativeWeb is an international, nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to using telecommunications including computer technology and the Internet to disseminate information from and about indigenous nations, peoples, and organizations around the world. http://www.nativeweb.org/resources/art_artisans_galleries/native_co-ops_artist_collectives/

Another web directory of mostly Canadian and North American Native Arts and crafts sites. http://www.sicc.sk.ca/native_arts/links2.htm

Alaska Native Arts Foundation supports Alaska Native Artists with shows, workshops, etc.

Haines, Alaska gallery featuring area artists; some of them working in Native styles.

A very simple little site for the ULU products of a non-Native craftsman from the heart of Yupik country. Knowing the seriousness of Yupik fish cutters, his biggest customers are probably Eskimos. http://www.lincolnsclub.com/miknives/index.html

Another virtual mall type site where native people from all over can list their products for consignment. A little on the cliche side of things for my taste.  http://www.allnativepeople.com/

I used to haunt this museum as a student at Sheldon Jackson College. A wonderful collection! http://www.museums.state.ak.us/Sheldon%20Jackson/sjhome.html

Wow! A directory of some very well-known Alaska Native artists of various cultural groups. Too many to list individually. Check out the links to some of my favorites: Kathleen Carlo, John Hoover, and Nathan Jackson. You will have to get an account to access their bio's.

My brother, Gary Peterson's, work. Yeah, I'm proud!

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Ivory Carvings

Alaska State Council on the Arts, Native arts program

Alaska Ivory

Other sites under review.

http://www.alaska-e.com/ - generic links to national booking engines, etc.

http://kotzebueira.org/ - pages on artists, education, projects

www.nanwalek.com community site

www.nomealaska.com community site

http://www.gustavus.com  community site

http://www.tokalaskainfo.com  community site


 Many of the links above are borrowed from Steve Peterson's fine web site links:

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