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 First Digital Generation of Alaska Native Youth Can Change the World

AISD and Metlakatla Indian Community Featured

as First Alaska Native Digital Village in National Article:

The Challenge for Mass Innovation

Two billion people are on the Internet, and many have discovered they can learn anything from global sources, as well as teach others what they’ve learned from global innovators. Anyone can learn how to make the living they want, living wherever they want, by simply looking at “what’s already working for others like them.” But, too many don’t know where, or how, to look?!

From this global grassroots boom in innovation, the first digital generation of  Alaska Native youth have the opportunity to be first to scout out the best working models, to bring home to fuel the home fires of local innovation.

Youth can also share what they are learning with Alaska’s 250 struggling villages, many now with broadband (fast Internet,) but without the vision for how to use it for cultural expression, celebration, and preservation, as well as stewardship of the Earth and Sky, amid increasing impacts of climate change, which are greater in Alaska than anywhere else on Earth.

Where will the 5 billion expected to come online by 2020 find appropriate encouragement and training to overcome their poverty? Alaska Native Youth, as global citizens, now have the power at their fingertips to inspire and instruct our global one human family in new ways to support one another and promote sustainable living best practices. Even one individual can now make a positive impact on unlimited numbers of good people in desperate situations, such as Sal Khan has proven, with his http://khanacademy.com - using tools anyone can
learn in just a few minutes.

AISD and the Metlakatla Indian Community are growing innovations to share as
the first Alaska Native Digital Village, and everyone is invited to participate!
Please check out the list of current innovations and send us others you know should be included:
send to frank@lone-eagles.com
We’re limited only by our imaginations:

Your invitation to participate:  
New opportunities for innovations listed here are easier and more powerful than ever before,
as new tools are evolving quickly, and most are free.

Timely initiatives you should know about:

Generation Indigenous; President Obama’s Native Youth Network

Obama Unveils Plan To Help Young American Indians

And a new Whitehouse report on Native youth.
The dominant culture forced native youth to learn possessive individualism?

The Gates foundation’s call for global citizens.

Join Us:
What if everyone knew how to leverage their full potential
as Global Citizens?  The survival of billions might depend
on whether we all adopt native values of sharing, instead of