This is A Network activity for the 5th grade in the subjects of Science, Math and Geography.

By Fred Carrigan



Your team of four students will select

to visit. You will fly from Barrow, Alaska to St. Louis, Missouri,

where you will use a automobile that is provided for the trip. Your

team will have to select the park, plan the trip, record all the

expenses and report what you see. The fun part is you can use the

computer and the Internet.

Have a good net tour.





Each team of four students will:

Some information you need:

The price of park admission must also be included.



You may use the computers to gather your information and to copy and past the information for your oral class reports.






Your team must make a presentation to the class. To generate your presentation you can use copy and paste into a folder about your own section of the presentation.

The presentation will include:

(You may use copy and paste.)