Chapter 11: Bibliography of Community Networking Resources

This short bibliography of community networking resources focuses on the top tier of resources, from which you’ll find pointers to all the rest. Watch for the names of the early pioneers in community networking which will show up repeatedly in the following resources. This short listing below is taken from the master listing at the Community Networking Clearinghouse

Community Network Planning Guides

Community Network Briefing Book
from the Blacksburg Electronic Village
Printed copies sent free, on request!

CTCNET Startup Guide
A guide to starting a community technology center, from the
national organization of over 450 CTC members

Smart Communities Online Guides
Two thick guides and many resources

Getting Online – A guide to the Internet for Small Town
A very basic guide from the National Center for Small

University of Kansas Community Tool Box
Includes a "troubleshooting guide" to improve effectiveness in community action:

Computer Lab Guidelines from the RECA Foundation

Heartland Center for Leadership Development
From the heartland in Lincoln, Nebraska. Many resources,
programs, and studies related to rural communities.

MIRA Trainers Roster
The Kellogg Foundation’s innovative MIRA (Managing
Information For Rural America) program, in association with the
Heartland Center, has assembled a roster of the best community
trainers, by topic, with evaluations and biographies.

Virtual Power – Technology Education and Community
Select "Virtual Power" to download as a PDF file. Multicultural
community emphasis, global learning networks, training strategies.

"Electronic Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Educators"
A good guide from the U.S. Dept. of Education

Community Networking Associations

Association for Community Networking
A national organization created by many of the original pioneers.

National organization supporting CTC’s. Includes a guide for creating CTCs

Texas Community Networking Initiative
Associated with the Texas Telecom. Infrastructure Fund

Community Networking Directories

Community Networking Clearinghouse  
Borrow the best ideas and resources from hundreds of other
community networks and related organizations. Build on the best!

University of Michigan Community Connector Resource    
Joan Durrance and her graduate students have created a fine resource!

Community Networking Resources and Studies

Canadian Community Learning Networks Program
Very likely the largest community networking program ever
conducted, complete with research and case studies.

Community Technology Review Exceptional.

Building Online Communities: Transforming Assumptions Into Success

Report on Community Networks and Community Technology Centers

The Organization of Learning in Community Technology Centers:
Learning with Technology in Six Communities

Network Services Research, National Capital Freenet, Canada
Exceptional articles evaluating new online services and researching
network services. See "Lessons from the National Capital Freenet."

"Using Email lists and more: The Power of Virtual Communities on the Net"   From Scotland and UK

Community Networking Models

La Plaza Telecommunity
A successful model for a rural small town! "Bringing People Together" from educational, government, business, publishing, technology, library, and health care arenas, Taos, NM. Wireless innovations, a Community Wellness database and much more.

The Blacksburg Electronic Village
Student activities, online newspaper and essays from Montgomery County, VA. Very high bandwidth to many home and reportedly 86% community participation make this a one-of-a-kind testbed model!

Boulder Community Network
Boulder has years of development experience. 

700 local businesses and organizations have web sites posted.
Includes text-based conferencing in a web-accessible format.
Source of many innovations, such as their new asset mapping project led by Ann P. Bishop:

Metropolitan Austin Information Network (MAIN)
A successful large urban community network.