Do You Wish To Teach in Alaska?
                            Links to sites to help you
                                by Cory Michaud
                            an Alaska Bush Teacher

Finding a teaching job in a new place can be a daunting task for anyone.  The purpose of this website is to provide some of the footwork it takes to understand what it takes to be a teacher in Alaska and how Alaska is unique in many ways. Teaching in Alaska is always an adventure, here are a few first resources to be prepared...

In rural Alaska, high teacher turnover still vexes

Teaching in Multiage and Multi-grade Classrooms

Alaska Teacher Talk
A community for teacher-led discussions

Scammon Bay

Retaining teachers in rural alaska

Here is a good place to start, this site will provide links to K-12 Teaching Jobs Nationwide

Many Alaska school districts have their own websites

Alaska School Districts

Alaska Public School District Directory

If you are going to get a job up here you will need to sign up and pay a fee to Alaska Teacher Placement.  They will provide districts with your paperwork and you with a lot of very good information essential to your jobsearch.

Alaska Teacher Placement

Alaska Teacher Placement Job Bank

Our new interface has a free, automatic job matching service, extensive resources about
living and working Alaska's rural and remote schools, photo galleries, and even a wiki-based
content system for job candidates to contribute new information that they find helpful.

John Concilus
Alaska Teacher Placement
Virtual HelpDesk Support
166 Polar Bear Avenue
Unalakleet, Alaska 99684
888-868-5240 (Fax)

There are a lot of positions for prospective teachers in Alaska if you've got the right stuff.  Here's a good place to look.

Openings for Teachers in Alaska School Districts

What are some resources to draw on to develop a good professional portfolio and interview well up here?

Guides for Educators who wish to Teach in Alaska

Sample Resumes, Letters of Introduction, and Teacher Specific Information to help you land a job.

My Personal Letter of Intro & Resume

And here are a number of sites that will be helpful for a number of reasons.
Salaries and Retirement Info for Alaska

Alaska Dept. of Education


Praxis Test

Frequently Asked Questions

New Alaska Standards All Educators Should Know

Alaska Studies and Lesson Plans for Teachers

General Information About Alaska

FAQ Alaska

Maps of Alaska

About Alaska Natives

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Links to Native Groups Information