Test for "Learning Basic Internet Skills"

1. Send yourself a message, save it as a file, edit this file adding additional lines, and then append this file to another message sent to your instructor.

2. Use your web browser to connect to http://enc.org and save one or more web pages. Download a textual resource, save it, and print it. Optional; download an image from one of the web pages, save it and print it.

3. Conduct an FTP session to ______ and retrieve the_____file from the ____directory. Compress the file and send it to yourself, decompress the file and view it.

4. Determine how many newsgroup messages are concerned with epistemology. (Using netnews; http://www.reference.com)

5. Determine how many newsgroups are concerned with equestrian as their key topic. Share how you determined your results.

6. Conduct a search on 4 different search engines using one of the following keywords: "MUDS, MOOS, or IRC" Compare your results. Explain any differences in the number of returned "hits."

7. Using your choice of search engine, find a site with images of Jupiter, download and print one. Compress the file for efficient storage and give the file size before and after compression. Attach the compressed file to an email message to your instructor.

8. Find a mailing list on a topic related to the content area that you teach and write a mini-unit detailing step-by-step how to subscribe to that mailing list. Include what address to use to post a message to this mailing list and how to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

9.Create a bookmark file that points to your ten favorite web sites. Send the file to your instructor.