Lesson One

Using the Internet in the Classroom

To Introduce the potential of collaboration on the Internet for the classroom.
To discuss the use of Internet in the Classroom using the online activity taxonomy of Dr. Judi Harris.

This section contains an outline of the course and a summary of some prerequisite skills. There is also an example of the power and potential of telecollaboration on the Internet.

A Taxonomy of Online Activities
We will use a taxonomy of sixteen online activity types identified by Judi Harris to make sense of all the different kinds of projects that are available.

Collaborating Online
The theme that runs through this entire course is collaborating online in order to explore new and better ways of teaching and learning. Get a start on looking at some possibilities.



I have read the articles by Dr. Judi Harris and Margaret Riel.
I have posted my interests to my group listserv and will help watch for resources matching the interests of my group members.