Lesson Two

Improving Teaching and Learning

This is a long, but important lesson. Regard it as several lessons rolled into one, and spend your time accordingly

To become acquainted with "best practice" in teaching.
To consider the impact of technology on teaching and learning.
To set personal goals for improvement in teaching based on the use of technology.

What Do We Mean By "Best Practice"
Some possible indicators of "best practice" are listed here, not as a prescription, but to initiate a discussion.

Project-Based Learning
Many of the "best practice" ideas discussed in the previous section can be realized in what is called project-based learning. The World Wide Web is ideally suited as a presentation medium for students' project-based learning activities.

National Standards and Movements Towards Renewal
Online collaboration has already proved to be an exciting vehicle for curriculum renewal. However, the purpose of collaboration and the use of the Internet needs to be seen as part of a more encompassing goal such as the implementation of national standards and "best practice."

Technology and Renewal
Technology is making it possible to do things in the classroom that just a few years ago we could not even have dreamed about.


I have read the article by Lilian Katz on the Project Approach.
I am aware of some of the current thinking and standards in the subject area(s) that I teach.
I am able to elaboarate on my own meaning of "best practice."
I am able to visualize the role of technology in achieving "best Practice."