LD Resource Room Webpage 
By Christine Billroth

This resource page is intended to help you discover resources to help with Learning Disabilities. How to work with them in a classroom and at-home setting. It is intended for parents, students, teachers in the regular education setting and in the special education setting. Please feel free to look through and use any of the resources available.

About Learning Disabilities

The Learning Disabilities Services Homepage

The Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities

LD Online

The ABC's of Dyslexia

National Institute on Mental Health

Think Quest's "The abledisable.com"

CHADD Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Center for Autism

WDNF World of Dyslexia site

The Dyslexia Center

Dyslexia Recovery page, informational

ADD Information and Articles

LD Resources

The ERIC Clearinghouse

The SERI Special Education Resources on the Internet

Tufts University Guide

Autism Resources

Marc's Special Education Resources

Early Intervention Parent Page

Internet Special Education Resources - Learning Disabilities Resource Page

Funderstanding - The coolest kids sight, the hottest kids insight.

The Special Education Homepage - MANY links

New Horizons.org - Look up special education curriculum, information on Multiple Intellegences

Ed Net resource page - Links to other resources

Special Education/Learning Disabilities Resource page

Curriculum Resources

Thinkquest's search engine for curriculum

Education Worlds Special Needs in the Regular Ed Classroom

CHADD Educational Resource for ADD and ADHD in the classroom

Different Roads to Learning, materials for developmental delays and challenges

Arts Edge - Arts curriculum for all types

Special Education Forms: IEP's etc. online

Outside the Box - ADHD and special needs

Kids Who Are Different

About Special Education

The Study Web - Links for learning

Scholastic.com - Click on online instruction for in class/at home activities

Marcopolo.com - Great online resource for curriculum


Ask ERIC Lesson Plan page

Creative Classrooms online

Kid's Space

Kid Zone

Kids Funpage

Kids Connect



A thank you to all the above websites for their contribution to furthering of education and knowledge. Their continued contribution to sharing their information is invaluable.