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Imagine being able to live anywhere, either working for yourself running your own business, or working for someone else, but still able to live anywhere and set your own work schedule. More and more people are doing this. You can too! This guide is dedicated to those individuals who choose to demonstrate the patience and perseverance to acquire the power of becoming a self-directed learner - becoming a "Lone Eagle"- to be able to learn anything, anytime, anywhere. In turn Lone Eagles who have acquired Internet collaboration skills are enabled to teach others online, thereby helping create self-sustaining rural communities allowing others to live and work where they want as well.

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies is a unique guide designed to help individuals, businesses, organizations, and rural communities develop powerful new skills to become self-directed learners first and then use those skills to help others to become self-directed learners. Thus, whole communities can learn to work together to develop those skills that will enhance their social and economic well being.

The ideal community self-empowerment vision is that once the Internet access becomes available, inspired citizens will immediately realize their opportunities by becoming self-directed lifelong learners, proactive entrepreneurs, and innovative skilled collaborators creating new social and economic value for their communities.

The goal is for everyone to be motivated and empowered at the highest levels possible. Community events and "web-raising" programs are needed which can demonstrate in concrete terms how to quick-start the highest levels of community action and benefits with the least overall costs in time, effort, and prerequisite literacy. Where such model communities and community programs don't exist - we need to create them. The resultant storytelling will inspire others to construct their own vision and an action plan for the mobilization of their own community's collective will.

Community Internet awareness events can include community web-content competitions, Internet skill-building and mentoring programs, local web-based content creating initiatives, establishing Ecommerce incubators, and creating community network inclusion programs. This guide provides resources for all of these.

This guide and the online course, Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies, are works in progress in association with ongoing community initiatives. Suggestions and partnerships are always welcome. Check the online version of the guide and course for regular updates and enhancements.

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This guide was edited and published at Idaho State University through the customized training office at the College of Technology as part of an overall customized training program in partnership with Mr. Frank Odasz, President of Lone Eagle Consulting, for the purpose of rural economic development. It was made possible through funding for its development by the Workforce Training Network of the Idaho State Division of Professional Technical Education.

All material in Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies: A Self-Directed Learner’s Internet Guide not specially identified as being reprinted from another source is copyrighted April 2002 by Frank Odasz. You may not distribute, copy, or otherwide reproduce any of this book for sale or for commercial use without written permission from the Author.

To inquire regarding Internet empowerment training and/or presentations for your school district, community, or organization, or to request copies, special printings, or reprint permission, contact Frank Odasz, frank@lone-eagles.com. Other inquiries may be addressed to the College of Technology Customized Training Office at Idaho State University, P.O. Box 8380, Pocatello, Idaho 83209.