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Additional Community Grant Templates
and Grantwriting Resources
You're Invited to Use

An Online Lesson on Grantwriting from Lone Eagle Consulting

A Simple Proposal-writing Tutorial from the Kellogg MIRA project

A Texan Community Bootstrap Academy
Written for Alpine, Texas, January 2002

An Alaskan Village Bootstrap Academy
Written for Alaskan Native Villages November 2002

The Ecommerce Homesteader's Cooperative

Concept Paper for a Community Networking Incubator

Culture Club: A Youth-based Cultural and Community Survival Strategy
http://lone-eagles.com/cultureclub.htm See also http://lone-eagles.com/capacity.htm and http://lone-eagles.com/trainers.htm
Community content and self-publishing to address the global need for culturally appropriate Internet training visions and resources. Includes a Lone Eagles Apprenticeship Ecommerce program.

The Community Bootstrap Initiative "Doing for Ourselves- Together"
A full USDA proposal model for Dillon, Montana

Alaskan Native Youth Cultural Community Building
A grant proposal written for eight Alaskan Native Villages

Creating a Community Self-help Internet Empowerment Model
http://lone-eagles.com/taosvisions.htm   A concept paper with many fundable ideas written for the Taos, NM Kellogg MIRA project participants, complete with grant template URLS.

Seventh Generation Community Initiative: A Model for Native American Sovereignty http://lone-eagles.com/7gc.htm 

More at http://lone-eagles.com/articles/articles.htm