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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Student Entrepreneurship. The information is divided into the following categories:


This site contains entrepreneurial information such as Edge Magazine and other resources.

This site has lots of statistics and very interesting information that anyone could browse through.

It has a great format! A very useful magazine for any entrepreneur. A good browser for people interested in working from their home.

Kind of a general "what home offices should be allowed to do, to have" kind of list.

Great quizzes and self-tests! High-school students will love this site.

Useful information, explains patent process, copyright laws & trademarks. Discusses the concept of intellectual property. Would be a great resource for anyone toying with an invention or thinking of writing essays for a magazine. Also excellent source from the reproducible materials standpoint.

Great step-by-step questions.

"Entrepreneur Boot-Camp" very informative review. Even though the entire site is like one big advertisement for the books they review, the reviews are excellent and probably, the books would be great sources for someone beginning in the field.

Lots of information. Great resources. Good step-by-step info. Information on SCORE.

This site contains a directory and newsletter online.

Useful guide! Good checklist!

Good information from a resource library to a BBB location service.

A source filled with sources! Only drawback, it's $20 to become a member.

Not very reader friendly but contains a lot of information and links.

Reads very quickly. Interesting, takes a different point of view on the whole entrepreneurial thing.

Worth it for their links page alone! A wealth of information!

Interesting but not a lot of specific information relating to youth.

Interesting articles, columns. Useful information.

Pretty good, limited information. Very specific. Only good if you know what you're looking for or what you're doing.

Good articles, user friendly site. Lots of sources, lots of good, useful information for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Really neat magazine. Interesting articles, could be useful to start-ups, etc.

Really neat magazine, interesting articles. Not for someone looking for primary information. Geared more to the high-tech entrepreneur.

Interesting articles. Useful information. Organized for easy research.

Very common-sensed based site! Excellent resources. Kids would really be able to understand this.

Very common-sensed based site! Excellent resources. Kids would really be able to understand this.

Another common-sense approach website. It's an excellent site.

Do you have what it takes to open a home-based business? Do you know how to succeed? For ideas and networking this site is packed full of helpful information.

A frequently asked questions list regarding small business..

Updated daily good information targeted at the business owner. Good example of a business magazine

Much of the site is available to members only. National Small Business United (NSBU) has been the advocate for small businesses since 1937. With 65,000+ U.S. members through its chapters & affiliate organizations, NSBU not only keeps small-business owners in touch with legislative & regulatory issues that affect them, but this non-partisan advocacy group seeks to engage the small business community to take action.

The purpose of the site is to provide a place for women to: (1) gather information that will assist commerce, and (2) share information about the victories and trials of doing business. A Lot of the site is links.

List of Africian American businesses.

Asian American Business Network (AABN) provides business-to-business data resources, pertinent information, access to the marketplace, technical and educational assistance. It will facilitate cooperation among network member-owned businesses and between public and private sector partners of the network -- it will bring together diverse businesses and industries to generate a wide range of assets to address the needs of as well as to overcome barriers for Asian American businesses.

This site contains a marketing and management center and an area about writing business proposals.

The information seems sound. The ERC is an online forum where industry experts respond to the challenges facing entrepreneurs. From market trends to business strategy, ERC workshops guide the Herring entrepreneur through an uncharted marketplace.

Information about Hispanic business. Looks pretty good.

Kentucky's SBDC The Kentucky Small Business Development Centers (KSBDC) provide the Commonwealth of Kentucky's entrepreneurs and small businesses with the high quality one-on-one management consulting, educational training, and business information they need to maximize their growth in today's intensely competitive global economy. Kentucky link looks good. Kentucky links lead to other links that look good.

The Small Business Resource Center is a compilation of useful information for entrepreneurs everywhere. Anyone who runs a small business (or wants to) will find a variety of helpful information here.

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Service Learning

This is a link to a service learning listserv.

This is a very comprehensive service learning site with a lot of links and information.

From their web site: "Youth Voices is an exciting new initiative to identify the common dreams and concerns of 18-to 24-year-olds around which they can be mobilized to more actively participate in the civic life of our nation."

This is an organization dedicated to youth service learning. From their web page: "Youth in Action Network is an interactive online service for youth, educators, organization members and classrooms who want to learn about, and participate in, positive social action and service projects. Youth and educators worldwide come together to learn, communicate, and take positive action on issues related to topics such as the environment, human rights, and more."

An overview of one service learning curriculum.

Community Partnerships

All Students Can Serve

Community Problem-Solving 101

Group Seeks to Pave Way for New Social Entrepreneurs

Integrating Community Service for Young People and their Families

Learning in Community

Service Learning in Mainstream Education

Service-Learning as an Integrated Experience in K-5 Education: An Introduction to Resources and Information

What is service learning?

National Student Learning Cooperative Clearinghouse: Bibliography

Frequently Cited Sources in Service Learning

At-Risk Bibliography

Impacts and Effects Of Service Learning Bibliography

Mentoring Bibliography

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A list of school-to-work fact sheets.

An article stressing the importance of school-to-work.

Read the school-to-work act.

This site contains a lot of information about everything from school-to-work grants to links.

STWNet is an electronic discussion forum on School-to-Work (STW) STWNet welcomes discussion on all STW-related issues, including comprehensive education reform, national skill standards, performance-based education and training program, workplaces as active learning environments, local partnerships that link the worlds of school and work, strategies that assist out-of-school youth, tech-prep, and other activities to improve the knowledge and skills of youth by integrating academic and vocational lear ning. (Source: )

•To join the list, send an e-mail to "", with no subject, and the message:
•subscribe stwnet
alone in the body of the message. •To send mail to the mailing list, please address the message to "". •To terminate your subscription, send an e-mail to "", with no subject, and the message:
•unsubscribe stwnet
alone in the body of the message.

An article about school-to-work.

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Career Planning

A members only data base search of jobs and resumes. It was down when I went to the site.

Job placement service.

Job placement service.

Job placement service.

Job placement service.

The new design brings us closer to reaching our goal of establishing CareerMagazine as the leading Career Resource Publication on the web. Consistant with the early design of the publication, ease of navigation and speedy screen download times will always be considered in any design changes. As always, our goal is to inform and educate, not entertain.

The #1 High-Tech career web site is the 'Virtual Job Fair'. It's a jobs database, a magazine, a career fair, and a technical career resource! This site lists over 20,000 high-tech career opportunities, a resume posting service, High Technology Careers Magazine, Westech CareerExpo event schedule, resume searching, and more.

This site contains employer profiles and listings to over 150,000 jobs.

This site contains links to jobs, job seekers and job search information.

This site contains a career center and career counselor.

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Workplace Skills

A short list of the workplace skills employers are looking for today.

From the web site: "The Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) was appointed by the Secretary of Labor to determine the skills our young people need to succeed in the world of work. The Commission's fundamental purpose is to encourage a high-performance economy characterized by high-skill, high-wage employment."

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This site contains a "Guide to Campus Visits," college applications online and SAT questions.

This site contains college choice and admissions resources and college financial aid information.

This site contains an SAT Laboratory and tip list, college resources and college guidance.

This site contains links, colleges research, a personal organizer and information on financial aid.

This site contains college profiles, student aid information and college bound magazine online.


This site contains financial aid information, scholarships and local and federal aid resources.

This site contains sources, assistance and special interest groups information on receiving financial aid for education.


This site contains information regarding NCAA scholarships.

This site contains information about scholarships.

This site contains information on over 200 scholarships.

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