Art Lesson Plans and Resources for the Classroom Teacher

Aaron Fletcher

The following is list of resources teachers can use to find information and lesson plans on the following art topics. I have chosen five art subjects and found web sites related to each topic. I hope you find these pages both interesting and educational.

Paper Sculpture Techniques| 3-D Paper| Hand Puppets| Puppet Plays| Bulletin Boards

I. Paper Sculpture Techniques

1. Fish

2. Paper Ring

3. Quilt

4. Self-Portraits

5. Faces

II. (3D) Three Dimensional Forms in Paper

1. Snowflakes

2. Computer Drawing

3. Butterflies

4. Perspective Drawing

5. Rabbit

III. Hand Puppets

1. Newspaper

2. Lunch Bag

3. Turkey

4. Polar Bear

5. Commercials

IV. Puppet Plays

1. Michigan Historical Play

2. Planets

3. Shadow puppets

4. Cinderella

5. Charlotte's Web

V. Bulletin Boards

1. Thanksgiving

2. Butterfly Tree

3. Health Topics

4. Monthly Boards

5. Varity of Boards

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