What is a hero?  Is it someone who does something special for a society?  Is a hero someone in your family?  Could your hero be your grandfather, your mother or  your brother?  Is the hero someone in the news? Can a hero be alive or does the hero have to be dead?  Could a hero be a 92 year old man who was mishandled by airport security and United airlines?  Is there more to his story?  Could an animal be a hero?   Does everyone have a hero -- someone to look up to or admire?  Find out more about heroes.


You will be working in groups of two or three students on the hero project.  Your group must decide what your final project will look like.  It may be a news or t.v.program, a short five minute play, or an infomercial on your choice of one or more hero(es).  Your group may decide to design a project of your own choice.  Heroes give us important messages.  What is the message that you believe your hero has given?  Please make sure to discuss your final outcome (project) with your instructor.  Your final project will be videotaped.

Process and Resources

Process (three weeks):
1.  In your group define what a hero is.
2.  Explore the resources given below.
3.  Discover ten characteristics of hereos.
4.  Make a list of possible heroes...who fits your list of characteristics?
5.  As a total class, refine and improve this Webquest project.
6.  Write a justification for the hero or heroes that you choose for your project...why is this person qualified to be a hero?
7.  Decide on what your project will be.
8.  Create a rubric for your final project based on the rubric requirements defined in previous class sessions.
9.  Create your final hero project.


Find out what happened to an American hereo at the hands of airport security

Have you heard about a balloonist who went around the world?

Could a janitor be a hero?  Find out by reading about Bill Crawford, Medal of Honor Winner

War hero stories

Sports heroes

Listing/information on a variety of  hereos

Women of accomplishment

Lesson plans for hereos

Could an animal be a hero?

Use primary resources in addition to the Internet resources.

Project Guidelines

You are totally responsible for setting goals for work completion. We will discuss the amount of time required for the eight steps in the process.  Remember that you have three weeks to complete the project.  Presentations will occur..(date).....  You will be evaluated using the rubric that you complete with your partner(s).  Check in with your instructor at least once during each class period to evaluate your progress.


On ....(date)....you will present your final outcome (project) to the class.  Each class member, the instructor and you  will evaluate your work based on your rubric. The video tape of your project will be viewed at the conclusion of all presentations.