The Exciting World of Transportation/Travel

A WebQuest for the Synergitics/ Transportation Module
Designed by
Jerry Howard



You have spent seven days learning about the many ways of transporting people and products.  Probably of most interest to you is the movement of people from one place to another.  No doubt you like to go on ?trips.?  In this activity you and your partner will work together to plan an exciting trip to a distant place of your choice.  Pretending you are travel agents, making big bucks because you do such a great job of planning your customers? trips, you  will produce a ?preview? package to sell many people on the special trip-of-a-lifetime you have developed.  You want others to join you on this trip so that the profits from their trips will more than cover the costs of your trip-of-a-lifetime.  The trip should last a total of 14 days and the required costs for each traveler will be between four and six thousand dollars(your decision--this will include the ?profit? you will make from each person).  This of course does not cover the ?spending money? that travelers will also expect to pay.

 The Task

The mission, should you choose to carry it out (and you should) is to create a promotional package to sell this vacation package to others.  You may choose to create either a text-based, printed descriptive package or an electronic-based package that will entice others to join in, and add more funds to your fun package.

After you and your partner have chosen the destination and activities, you will use graphics programs such as PhotoShop to create the descriptive brochures and catalogs for your printed materials or use PowerPoint or other presentation applications to produce your advertising campaign.

The Process

To complete this task, you and your partner must:

1.  Decide on where you would like to go and what activities the two of you would like to be involved in while there.  You may base your decisions on places you?d like to visit (i.e.  Las VegasWashington, D.C., New York City , ParisHong KongSerengeti Desert , etc.) or on activities you enjoy doing  skiingdivinghunting/fishing, shoppingmuseums, etc.)  Searching on the Internet will open up many opportunities for you, many that you may not think of on your own.  If you need help on doing on-line searches, read the tutorial at

2.  What are the associated costs for this adventure: air travel , car rentals ,
hotel accommodations , activities, etc.?   Remember, many of the people who will make this trip with you (those paying your way) will also be looking for ?bargains? as a part of this package deal.

3.  Having decided on your destination and associated activities, make your promotional presentation, printed( go to Step 4) or electronic(skip to Step 5).   You should create a ?calendar? timeline/schedule as  part of your presentation.  You may wish to utilize the program at or .

4.  If you choose to make a printed promotion, you may want to get ideas for brochure layout from sources such as or or
You will need to use word processing and graphics programs.  If you choose to use MS Word, you might find the tutorial at  to be helpful.  For MS Works, provides helpful information.
Graphics can be captured from the Web.  How-tos on doing this are located at

Other sites for help on using graphics can be found at as well as  If you?re working with PhotoShop, you may wish to get help/hints from

5.  You probably are familiar with the presentation portion of MS Works , if not you may wish to use the tutorial at to receive help in using this readily available electronic presentation software.  Likewise you probably have some experience using the very popular PowerPoint.  Help on using this software is available at  In order to have appropriate graphics for your presentations you can capture these from web sites.  How-tos on doing this are located at   Other sites for help on using graphics can be found at as well as  If you?re working with PhotoShop, you may wish to get help/hints from

Other helpful sites fo building electronic presentations are available at,

6.  Your promotional for your trip-of-a-lifetime will be presented to your classmates, all potential travel mates who share interests in common with you.


Both participants will receive the same grade for this project unless it is very obvious that each did not do their fair share of the work. The following criteria will serve as the basis for your grade:

Budget: Did you plan the trip within the budget guidelines?  Over budgeting is unacceptable, as is coming in under the low budget end.

Timeline:  Was the 14 day time frame filled with various, appropriate activities?

Variety of activities with individual time frames and budgets.

Overall appearance of end product:  brochure layout is appropriate, appealing, and technically correct; electronic presentation is smooth flowing, well thought out, and technically correct.

  Unacceptable Acceptable Outstanding
Budget Excessively under or over budget. Total costs withing budget but itemization lacking. Within budget and each major activity has budget figures.
Timeline Time is not welll planned, too much idle time. Time is appropriately planned but lacking detail. Time is appropriately planned and is presented in a daily calendar.
Activities Activities focus on one or two activities. Variety of activities, including 'free' time for clients to have full control of time. Variety of activities, including 'free' time for clients to have full control of time.  Each activity is covered in the presentation.
Overall Appearance Presentation contains erors, lacks appropriate graphics, and does not follow accepted guidelines for presentation format chosen. Presentation is error free, uses appropriate graphics and follows accepted guidelines for the chosen format.  Presentation is error free, uses appropriate graphics presented in a variety of 'ways'(maps, line drawings, color images, charts, animations, audio, video, etc.)


When you have completed this assignment, you will not only have investigated and learned much about traveling and planning fun trips, using your great imagination, but you will also have learned new skills and applications for using computers and other technology.  You might want to save a copy of your presentation so that one day you can fulfill this trip-of-a-lifetime plan.  Wouldn?t that be fun?