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Welcome to Kindergarten: Helpful Stuff

This web page was put together by an Alaskan kindergarten teacher. This site contains everything you would want to know about kindergarten, but were afraid to ask. A sample supply list, daily schedule, questions/ answers, advise, and sample work are just a few items contained in this web page.


Considered the ultimate teacher’s resource! And they are not lieing. This site is full of advise, lessons, chat rooms, curriculums, articles, and links. There are even web tools and a job center contained on this site. Although not exclusively designed for kindergarten teachers. It is a site with unlimited resources.

SuperKids Software Review

This is a multi-useful resource web site. Of course they review computer software designed for children. They review the software in terms of educational value, kid appeal, and ease of use. There are also many educational tools on this site, including a math worksheet program, vocabulary builders, and a hangman program. All free. You can also sign up for a newsletter. Excellent site with many uses.

Kindergarten Express

This site is based in New Jersey. It is managed by a kindergarten teacher. Included on this site are sample supply lists, a kindergarten handbook, themes, teacher links, student links, and articles. The best quality of this site is the teacher links. Unfortunately I couldn’t open the links. But the web site titles are given, so you can find the site if you want to. Many sites and resources are linked.

A World of Kindergarten

This site was created to give teachers curriculum support. This is an awesome resource site. All ideas and support are alphabetized for ease of use. Hundreds of ideas are shared. There are also some wonderful links for teachers, including 100’s day activities, resources, and sample schedules. You can even subscribe to the list serve, to receive information from other teachers.

Welcome to Kindergarten

There are a bunch of resources for teachers on this site. There’s a teacher talk forum, contests, surveys, calendars, and advise for teachers and parents. There are also tons of coloring pages for children. This site also has related links that you can click on. There’s something for just about everyone on this site.

ABC Teach

***** A five star site! This site is the best on the web. You can spend hours upon hours in this site. Just to name a few things on the site: sign language lessons/flashcards, newsletters, bordered paper, crossword puzzles, monthly themes, shape books, a message board, D’Nealian sheets, interactive games, and tons of links. Not all is designed for kindergarten. But so much of the content is designed for the little ones. This site is THE site. Absolutely amazing!!!

A Hotlist on Kindergarten

This is a very simple site created using Filamentality. It is an internet resource page. It is not an exciting, large site. But it does contain some very cool links: Jann Brett’s website, A visit to a zoo, and a Berenstain Bears activities site. It’s a good site for those looking for primary resources. A good starting point.


Kindergarten Class Directory

This is a directory that contains kindergarten web pages from all 50 states and many other countries. Also contained in this site are many links, including an on-line ABC book and a parents page. The site is maintained by an male, Alaskan kindergarten teacher.

Kindergarten Korner

Another directory full of kindergarten web pages from all around the country. There are 15 web pages represented in this directory. It’s very simple to have your class’s web page added to this directory.

Sites for Teachers

Just like the title says, “sites for teacher.” This is a directory of sites that is for teachers. There are 165 sites listed and reviewed at this site. And they are ranked. You can find just about anything you’re looking for in this directory.

Teacher Resources

This is a wonderful resource site for teachers. It is a resource directory designed for teachers. It is one of the best around. Over 100 sites are listed and categorized here. Anything from cooking and art, to message boards and music, can be found in this directory. Very user friendly.


Kindergarten Lesson Plans

A wonderful site, full of resources. Dozens of themed units are listed. There are also kindergarten lessons in math, P.E., language arts, science, and songs. The educational links are also excellent. Super site for getting ideas or whole lessons. A must see.

Kinder - Lesson Plans

Plenty of lesson plans on this site designed for kindergarten. Most are submitted by teachers. Subjects included are: language arts, math, social studies, science, and technology. Some of the lessons are excellent, others are very average. Great stuff on animals.

Kindergarten Kafe

This is an online magazine. The past 5 years of the magazine are contained at this site. The magazine has themes, lessons, books, and poems. There are tons of lessons and ideas on this site including 100’s day, 5 senses, and bugs. There are many links as well, including a link to Amazon.com to buy themed books.

Welcome to the Chalkboard

This site was put together by a Head Start teacher. It is an excellent site for teacher resources. There are tons of ideas/activities contained in this web site. You can find ideas for art, health, math, science, social studies, poems, and tips from teachers. A very special section on this site is the craft recipes page. Excellent ideas.

Kindergarten Connection

This site was put together by Carol Gossett. It has a very cool design. Included on this kindergarten site are lesson plans (for many subject areas), teacher tips, book reviews, and links. The site is not very big, but does contain a lot of helpful ideas and information.

Teachers Network

Teachers Network is an on-line curriculum/lesson plan searching resource. The viewer can select any educational level, and any of 15 subject areas. Look at, review, and use the lessons given. There are 123 items under elementary math alone. Other web resources included are videos, on-line chatting, grant information, and a bookstore for teachers. An excellent site for finding ideas and lessons.


Themes, themes, themes! There are a lot of themes for kindergarten on this site. From apples to Halloween, to oceans. Each theme contains many lessons and activities. The only problem is that not all of the themes are linked. Hopefully that will change soon. The web’s author also links her favorite children’s sites.

100th Day of School

Quite simply, the world’s largest 100’s day activities site. There are 300 ideas/activities on this site that focus on 100’s day. The site was put together by Joan Holub with the help of contributing teachers. Also, there are links to other sites that deal with 100’s day, as well as books about that special day. There are many super ideas on this site.


Early Childhood Art Lessons

This site contains art lessons for the little ones. There are over 25 art lessons on this well designed web site. From F is for feet to crazy marble painting. You can find it all here. Each lesson contains the level (age appropriateness), materials needed, and procedure. Very easy site to navigate through. Some wonderful art ideas.

Art Room

This site is dedicated to art. Included on this site are ideas (lessons), a children’s art gallery and a library full of art books and materials. The ideas presented include a “how to” and a “materials needed” section. A very cool site to visit for fun or for wonderful art ideas to use with children.

Kids’ Homemade Recipes

Wow!!! There are over 150 homemade art recipes on this site. From Kool-Aid finger paint to homemade sidewalk chalk. Also included is a great list of materials you should have at your art center. Every recipe you can think of is contained at this site. A wonderful place to visit for every kindergarten teacher.


Songs 4 Teachers

Songs, songs, and more songs. This is a great site. They have songs for all occasions: winter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. The words are provided and the songs can be downloaded for your listening pleasure. Poems are also on this site, as well as many math worksheets.


For the music lovers. This is a music site. In this site, teachers/students can participate in sing-a-longs, listen to music, and/or create their own music. Music reviews are also available on this site. A great feature is the song lyric database that is extensive. Good site for finding musical ideas.

Judy & David’s Online Songbook

Lyrics galore. Over 100 songs with the lyrics are presented at this web site. The site is extremely easy to navigate. Songs are categorized in alphabetical order. Very easy for the viewer to use. All the children’s classics are here. Print off the lyrics and have some fun with your kids.


Health Lesson Plans

Health lesson plans specifically designed for kindergartners. Some of the topics include body awareness, germs, and tooth decay. The site isn’t very big, but the lessons are well designed, and health lessons are hard to come by for K teachers on the web.


Kindergarten Everyday Math Lessons

This site is devoted entirely to Everyday Math for kindergarten. Month by month lessons are included. Under each month, there are internet links, teacher tips, student work, and other resources. Teachers are encouraged to submit tips and resources the site. The internet links are the highlight of this site.


Cooking with Young Children

Super ideas for cooking with the little ones. There are seven chapters to choose from at this site. From cool cooking to mini-meals. Lots of wonderful ideas and recipes with young children in mind. There’s even music at this website for your listening pleasure.


Science Sites for Children

This is a directory of science sites for students. There are many categories to choose from: general science, chemistry/physics, biology, math, computers, and experiments. So if your looking for Bill Nye or information on windmills, this should be your first stop. There are at least 100 sites listed on this directory.