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Web Resources and Projects


Web Resources and Projects

The following links will provide information on many web based projects and activities for your students.

Hotlists:  A hotlist is a list of links that you create for a subject that you have reviewed for content for your students to use.

This link has many lists already done for the teacher

2001 Edition from The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages

Hotlist tutorial link

This site has hotlists and also gives tips on building a webquest.

Multimedia Scrapbooks:  Find internet sites that link the students to 
photographs, maps, stories, facts, quotations, sound clips, videos, etc. Students cut and paste what they have found and put them into a variety of medias:  newsletter, slide presentation, or Web page.  

Template for scrapbook website

Examples of teacher and student scrapbooks as well as resources

Scavenger Hunts: This is a way for a teacher to teach searching skills to the students.  There are two ways to do a scavenger hunt.  One way is to provide the URLs to answer a question.  The second way is to give the students the search engine to find the information.

Vary complete link.  It has samples and templates to use for hunts.

Sample hunts designed by teachers in training

WebquestThis project gives the students a problem to solve or a scenario.  Check out the Dog Webquest linked on the top of this page. 

Many webquest examples

Web Expeditions:  This gives lets the students travel the globe to find out information from experts.

Get involved in the Jason project.  Each year it takes you on an adventure.  For one classroom, it costs $199

Project-Based Learning:  There are many facets to PBL.  The most important feature is that the students generate a greater responsibility for their own learning.  Students can develop academic, social and life skills through school work.  What is exciting about PBL is that it can take students out of the classroom and into their community where they can interact and find the knowledge they are trying to investigate.

Check out student winners 

These sites have many web activities

Samples of hotlists, webquests and scavenger hunts 

Examples of all different web activities

Online classes highly recommended

 "Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction!"

"Designing K12 Internet Instruction"

Get a Masters in online teaching or a certificate


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