Mailing Lists

Although not all mailing lists are the same, they are similar enough to consider one set of instructions for joining them.

  1. Select a mailing list that you would like to join. You will learn about mailing lists from friends, education journals, other mailing lists, or "lists of lists" files, web pages, or databases on the Internet. Some of them are:

  2. From the Global Schoolhouse:

    See also:  Search for "Educational listservs OR mailing lists "

  3. After you have selected a list, find out the following two things about the list. One, the e-mail address of the mailing list, and two, the formal name of the mailing list
  4. Address an e-mail message to the electronic address of the mailing list. Leave the subject of the message blank or put some "x"s in it.
  5. In the body of the message, type:
  6. Subscribe [listname] [your first name] [your last name]

    If your name is Jane Doe, and you are subscribing to a mailing list called ElemTcher, then you would type:

    Subscribe ElemTcher Jane Doe

  7. Send the message. After a moment (or perhaps longer) you will receive a message from the list manager computer. The message will welcoming you to the list, describing the types of discussions that take place on the list, and how you should participate. This message will also describe how to unsubscribe from the list if you should decide to leave it.
  8. NOTE: Many sites exist where you can easily create and maintain your OWN FREE LISTSERVS!! My favorite, complete with web-based archives is  but see also

Some Mailing Lists

Hilites: Collection of high-quality classroom-based collaborative learning projects.
Formal Name: hilites
You'll find this listserv and many other great ones at

K-12 Administration: For educators who are interested in issues of K-12 school administration.
Formal Name: k12admin

Library Media Network: A list for school media specialists
Formal Name: LM_Net

The World Wide Web in Education List: WWWEDU is a moderated discussion with over 1600 members from 35 countries. Formal Name: WWWEDU Address: