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NEW! A "Teachers' Guide to the Internet" linking you with many of the very best K12 Internet resources and Internet tutorials is now available at:   Check it out!  See our Language Translation Tutorial!

Learning Internet; Resources in Spanish

Language Translation Tutorial

Translate this site from:

        Click on the translate button above and:

              1. Type in any line of text in English and click on the translate English to Spanish button for an

                   instant translation! Select other languages from the menu; (Click on the black down arrow.)

              2. Type any URL (web address) in the box and click on the translate 
                  "English to Spanish"  button. Pretty neat and fast isn't it!

               3. Using cut and paste, put an email letter in the box and click on the translate button for instant

               4.  You can put this, or similar, simple buttons on ANY web page so readers  can pick their             
                    favorite language to read any web page. Also, you can  cut and paste the above box onto any
                     web page so you and your students will aways have it handy to translate web pages for you.
                     See the Language Translation links in the K-100 Curriculum Section for details.


Spanish Language K12  Curriculum



Teaching the Spanish Language

Many of the following sites have GREAT resources for Spanish Speakers! For example,
take a look at this variety of Spanish Reading Resources at this first site below!


Bilingual and ESL Resources


I*EARN Latina Intl. projects

Imagining La Frontera

Add to Culture:   (Check Louisana link)

Add escotet museum links to curriculum


Find SMART resources, search for Orcillas project, search

Explorer's trail/ Spanish lang option   Explore associated links!

Check for Spanish resources, Also\

ENC spanish:
96 Atlantic hurricane season
Non-frames, non-graphics version:

Discovery channel Online

Views of the solar system

Science Education

Live from the Stratosphere

Miami Museum of Science (what is science)

Clearinghouse for  mulicultural/bilingual education Large # of dual lang curr. pages.

Modules in dual lang;

RECA migrant projects; See amistad family learnig center and Washington state migratn council- CTC's BEST site at Amistad Teach WEb site is Enchanted learning page.

Migrant tracking system at sunnyside WA serviing over 40 states?

Emath mentoring program

Guide to online mentoring and federal computer recycling program