June 26, 2002 – Department Head Meeting

      "Homesteading the Ecommerce Frontier"

Idaho’s rural communities are at risk for their continued survival. The immediate need exists to revitalize the pioneering spirit that originally created them to meet the serious challenges of their very existence.

Many rural citizens will be forced to move to the city to find work while those in the city who learn Internet and Ecommerce skills will have the option to relocate to the very homes in rural communities that have been abandoned. Those wishing to retain their rural lifestyles must consider carefully their immediate opportunity to determine their own destinies.

Just as our forefathers came to Idaho to homestead the western frontier to provide for their families, now it is our turn to homestead a new frontier – the electronic frontier!

Time is limited as international rural communities will soon be in direct competition with our rural communities. Take advantage of the limited window of opportunity to be the first to benefit from the social and economic potential the Internet puts at our fingertips.

What: "Homesteading the Ecommerce Frontier"

When: Wednesday, June 26 at 2 p.m.

Where: Bear Lake Hospital Board Room

Who: Presented by Frank Odasz, President & Owner of Lone Eagle Consulting who has over 15 years’ experience teaching rural educators online and working with rural citizens to determine the true benefits of online learning and community networking.

Why: To learn how the Internet expands our opportunities for social and economic well-being and levels the playing field so there is truly equal opportunity for rural America to sustain its preferred lifestyle.

Be sure to be on time to this interesting and entertaining presentation.

See You There!!!