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Teenage depression is a problem in Alaska--especially during the cold dark winter months.  This page is dedicated to resources that will hopefully help students.

Teens for Teens: Help Fight Teenage Depression includes advice, information, poetry, and related links.

#1 Teenage Suicide.com--Teenage suicide prevention site listing warning signs for prevention, resources and treatment for teenage depression.

Diary of a manic-depressive Teenage Grrrl--notes on how medications work, warning signs to look for, notes on Luvox and Clonazempam.

Teentalk International--teens helping teens with alcohol, dating, depression, drugs, family, friends, responsibilities, school and sex.

Obsidian Trails Wilderness Therapy & School Programs--counseling, intervention, evaluation, education, and school programs for teenagers with ADHD, depression, psychological, alcohol, drug, and behavioral problems.

Teen: Moody or Depressed: The Masks of Teenage Depression . . . is here to help. Moody or Depressed: The Masks of Teenage Depression. by Gerald D. Oster.

Understanding Teenage Depression--buy the book.

ParenTalk Newsletter: Adolescents: Signs of Teenage Depression--Signs of Teenage Depression--Is your teenager depressed?

Teenage Depression Is Dead Serious.

Childhood depression, Teenage depression and Anxiety--Teenage Depression--The moody, irritable, anxiety-ridden teen is a common stereotype,
and certainly many teens fall into this category.

Teenage Depression.

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