Making the Best Use of the Internet – Course Timeline

After reviewing course content and lessons, set your personal course timeline and submit to course facilitator. This timeline will serve as a guide for you and the course facilitator to help you stay "on track" during the course. Remember that even though you have one year to complete the course, you are strongly encouraged to complete all lessons within a three month timeframe! Since this web page is NOT an interactive form, put your cursor at the top of the page and cut and paste the whole page into your wordprocessor, fill it out, and either attach it to an email message to your instructor, or cut and paste it into an email message.



Lesson One - Browsing and Searching Basics

Lesson Two - Listserv Basics

Lesson Three - Creating Instructional Web Pages

Lesson Four - Key Issues on K12 Internet Use

Tentative Date to Complete Lessons One through Four:
Lesson Five - Project-Based Learning

Lesson Six - School and Community Networking

Lesson Seven - Online Instruction Basics

Lesson Eight - School Technology Planning

Tentative Date to Complete Lessons Four through Eight:
Special Project Tentative Date to Complete Project:


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