A Tour of Washington

4th grade presentation project

Your goal is to make a "virtual brochure" using the KidPix program. You have a packet with the specifics about what each page needs. This is a reference page, with a link to the resource page. The resource page will help you get to what you need on the internet. Be selective about your downloading of pictures, and as soon as you put the image in your presentation and save it, dump the image in the trash. This will save more space for other people's images.

Print this page and use it as a checklist as you get each page done.

Your brochure needs to have at least 10 pages:

Page 1 - Title Page:
Page 2 - Introduction
Page 3 - Map of Washington's Regions
Page 4 - Region 1 Title Page
Page 5 - Region 1 "Places to see"
Page 6 - Region 2 Title Page
Page 7 - Region 2 "Places to see"
Page 8 - Region 3 Title Page
Page 9 - Region 3 "Places to see"
Page 10 - Conclusion Page

If you want to have more pages than this, Ms. Woodward must approve them first. Just ask!!!

Resource Page

Just click on the links below and you can find all you need for your presentation.
Remember to save anything you download to your folder on the desktop.
If you download images, be careful of sizes. Your folder can fill up quickly!
If you haven't made a folder on the desktop, do that now.
If you need help, ask your teacher.

For state report (3rd Graders) information:

Facts about the States - every little thing you want to know!!!

50States.com - for maps, birds, flags, songs, etc.

KidsClick - for links to other web sites for each state.

For Washington State Report (4th Graders)

Facts about Washington - every little thing you know

Images of Washington - links to all sorts of information

KidsClick for Washington - more links to link that will link you to the county web sites

Washington Tourism - Washington by regions - a great source for "Where to go and what to visit in Washington"