Alaska’s Center for Sustainable Rural Families

1. JOBS21st Century Workforce Jobs Facilitation
Greencollar workers; rural ecommerce and telework strategies
         Broadband entrepreneurship
         E-gov services integration, rural virtual one-stops, minimizing costs across sectors
         Community education programs: Broadband enabled community wellness best practices
         Retirees teleworking to pay health Ins. And Disabled vets, single moms,

2. ENERGY:   Green Clean Sustainable Lifestyles –Education on Solutions
         Common Sense educational clearinghouse for practical cost and energy saving solutions
         Energy Conservation Assessments – a curriculum for youth to provide local assessments
         Alternative Energies Education to grow understanding and support

         Energy Efficient Architectural Best Practices: Smaller houses, Bigger lives –
         Practical choices for Alaskan homes, and lifestyles

3. HEALTH: Community Wellness Broadband Applications
        Rural community sustainability requires broadband enabled community wellness best
        practices across the following nine essential areas;
        1. Safety 2. Health 3. Education 4. Enterpreneurship 5.Ecommerce 6. Social Services
        7. Culture 8.Government 9. Entertainment. 
At issue is identification of the broadband training best practices and smartest applications
       for each E-government area.

4. E-LEARNING FOR ALL: Alaskan Mentors: A Virtual Support Network
     Civic Participation and Inclusion, Service Learning
      “Doing for Ourselves, Together” Sharing best practices and success stories
       Teaching everyone how to establish self-sufficiency (self-directed Internet learning)
       Community service engagement and efficiencies leveraging online social media
       Supercomputing applications; cloud computing innovations

5. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP:  Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Teaching meaningful participation in the global information society and economy
       Citizen lending, citizen philanthropy,
         Youth E-entrepreneurship, reverse out-migration
         International trade generation via micro-multinationals
         Cyberseniors and youth global service learning – Renewing America’s International

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