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The Google Ten Million Dollar Competition for Ideas to Change the World
http://www.project10tothe100.com/submit_your_idea.html   Results will be posted January 27th, 2009.

Entry submitted Oct. 20th, 2008 by Frank Odasz
This document is online at http://lone-eagles.com/googleproposal.htm
Email: frank@lone-eagles.com


Title:                                                      Nativehearts Virtual Nation


What one sentence best describes your idea?

Launch a virtual nation dedicated to promoting the values and best practices of Global Citizenship; as a global social entrepreneurship culture

Describe your idea in more depth.

Global Citizenship: Creating a Global Social Entrepreneurship Culture

The viral nature of Myspace and similar successes suggests we’re limited only by our imagination, and collective will. Half the global population is under the age of 20. We will demonstrate how to create a global social entrepreneurship culture in under three years by establishing knowledge age youth-based micro-multinationals as for-profit instructional entrepreneurship businesses. Doing well by doing good.

If we all share what we know, we will all have access to all our knowledge.
Everyone can be both learner and teacher, both consumer and producer, all the time.
From each according to their ability, to each according to their need. (Gene Roddenberry)

Launch a free online video course to teach everyone how to get motivated to learn online and to teach others how to help people anywhere, anytime. And to generate participation in a virtual nation focused on the shared values for global citizenship with emphasis on global service learning and instructional entrepreneurship.

Reflecting the shared values as global citizens a trusted global community will be created focused on leveraging the public good as effectively as the new web tools and our imaginations make possible. Identify and disseminate peer-mediated online training mash-ups, videos, and digital storytelling reflecting best practices as they are created by facilitating bottom-up innovation globally.

New metrics and social recognition for those who have helped the most people learn in the most significant and scalable ways will generate the human incentives for everyone to become even more active.

Establish a global “training best practices” clearinghouse for individual and community wellness for all levels of ICT’s from radio to mobile phones to fast Internet connections across the following nine essential areas; 1. Safety 2. Health 3. Education 4. Enterpreneurship 5. Ecommerce 6. Social Services 7. Culture 8.Government 9. Entertainment. 

What problem or issue does your idea address?

The global information society and economy suffers most from a lack of trust and confidence. We have just seen the global socio-economic results of the mutual lack of confidence. We must recognize how to reverse this dynamic by engaging everyone in encouraging others and rebuilding global confidence.

We need to begin a new global citizenship value set and functional dynamics for meaningful participation in the global information society and economy. Global citizenship demands an appreciation for cultural diversity, and an understanding of the emerging social media dynamics for social entrepreneurship, youth E-entrepreneurship, rural revitalization, global service learning, and establishing trusted relationships.

We are one species, one human family, and we must work to create one global economy where everyone participates beneficially.  It is a fact that once online, anyone, anywhere can meaningfully assist educating anyone, anywhere, to find solutions to their unique needs. This is becoming possible even via the 4 billion cellphones.

If your idea were to become reality, Who would benefit the most and how?

The point is that one individual can impact unlimited numbers of people in need by creating quality motivating self-directed learning new media resources online. The potential is unlimited for directly matching those with wisdom and resources with those in need; creating a global culture of peer-learning.

The viral nature of this project will allow a global voice unlike anything in human history and “our” joint potential is to make history in weeks or months. Transnational activism as a global community will address our differences as evidence of our sameness and advocate for human rights, environmental stewardship and ongoing global awareness of true collaborative best practices in an age of accelerating change.

Citizen engagement as global citizens is necessary related to lifelong learning, citizen philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, peer-mentoring, service learning, and instructional entrepreneurship. Note the timeliness of President Obama’s global support, and the opportunity for global service learning innovations.

What are the initial steps to get this off the ground?

Launch the Online Course: Global Citizenship: Creating a Global Social Entrepreneurship Culture
This free online video course for everyone invites meaningful participation in the global information society and economy. Native American/Alaskan Native youth, the prophesied seventh generation, and all youth, will carry the initial message and invitation to all “nativehearts” (those committed to sharing,) globally with their initial vision for the “time of the we.” This is a time for smaller houses and bigger lives, where we all need to reconnect with our earth connections and deeper spirits in understanding that “we the people” means all of us. We will effectively broker the best instructional entrepreneurship products, both free and fee-based, as they are peer-evaluated through supporting bottom-up innovation globally.

The initial launch will be to produce a weekly vote of support as the first ongoing global voting mechanism in history establishing the first virtual transnational nation supporting global trust, confidence, culture and commerce.

Describe the optimal outcome should your idea be selected and successfully implemented.
How would you measure it?

The optimal outcome would be instantaneous global recognition that we are all one family, one species, one heart. New metrics will reward those who make the greatest contributions with social recognition. Mentees reward mentors by posting thank-you’s with photos and digital stories on the specifics. An ongoing process for identification and dissemination of the best metrics innovations will be established. This instant launch of a knowledge economy model based on peer-mediated skills transfer and knowledge products will continue to evolve based on measured effectiveness for citizen philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, peer-mentoring, service learning, and instructional entrepreneurship.

We, the people, will finally understand that "The world's cultures jointly represent humankind's common search for identity and meaning."  We will have created in record time a historic new global entrepreneurial culture, a virtual nation, combining caring, connectivity with common sense. We will celebrate those who gave of themselves, and changed the world.