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 Sustainable Broadband Adoption Awareness Campaign Methods


Contacts: Fletcher Brown: Email fbrown AT drs-ds.com  PH 406 270 8849


                Frank Odasz, Lone Eagle Consulting Email: Frank AT lone-eagles.com PH 406 683 6270


The Healthy Villages National Broadband Adoption Campaign


The last decade has been one of confusion regarding what broadband really is and why it is

important. An overwhelming number of Internet problems and the plethora of “spam & scam”

has raised doubts in the minds of many who now view the Internet as more hype than hope.

“Trust no one” has replaced the early visions of trusted supportive virtual communities.


“What Matters Most” regarding broadband adoption is that we realize that access to a piano

doesn’t make you a musician and that we’re now in competition with everyone, everywhere,

for everything. This means that developing our ability to innovate and imagine new

applications will forever be our challenge and our opportunity. Effective peer collaboration is

at the heart of staying afloat in a sea of expanding information. “If we all share what we know,

we’ll all have access to all our knowledge.”


Engaging Americans in a new form of online service, to create a national learning community,

is a goal of the Obama administration and the Healthy Villages National Broadband Campaign,

inviting everyone whose colors are red, white and blue.


With each new citizen, family, and village online, the power of the network grows:

The Healthy Villages National Broadband Campaign will establish a National Clearinghouse of

Best Practices for Sustainable Families listed by sector via an existing prototype, developed by

Lone Eagle Consulting and linked from the FCC Indian’s web site. Links: http://lone-eagles.



The Healthy Villages National Broadband Campaign will increase broadband awareness,

demand, and readiness through the Interior region of Alaska, statewide, and nationally by

launching a unique yet replicable digital inclusion online training program and process for

individuals, communities, states, and tribal nations to determine their own broadband best

practice success stories and to create their own digital storytelling and instructional content.


American families will be invited to collaboratively build the Broadband Best Practices

Clearinghouse for Sustainable Families by contributing their success stories and resources for

multicast distribution for local access by the 42 healthy villages, statewide via TV (cable,

satellite, and broadcast), and nationally via Internet social media, Internet video channels, and

peer networking.


KACN-TV will provide statewide exposure for the Healthy Villages Program via television

broadcasts reaching 150,000 Alaskan homes. As a sub-channel of KTBY-TV, the station will

broadcast at 240,000 watts which qualifies the station to reach the thousands of remote Alaskan

homes via satellite TV broadcasting (DirectTV and Dish Network.) Digital storytelling from

the TCC villages will be shared nationally via YouTube HD and other HD Internet Channels.


We’re limited only by our collective American imaginations.


Matching the Extreme Needs with the Extreme Opportunities To Produce Authentic Broadband

Best Practices: Creating a high profile demonstration project to bring these extremes of need

and opportunity together with the authenticity of citizen participation and validation is more

than timely, it is inevitable, and will prove to be the only way forward. The Healthy Villages

Campaign plans to leverage the viral growth potential of social media and the Instructional

entrepreneurship potential of peer mentoring with a robust vision based on the Alaskan

extremes of remoteness, social disillusionment and dire challenges (political, environmental,

cultural) with the high end potential for the best possible fast-track application of true



Native values prioritize sharing and supporting others over personal enrichment. The training

strategy for citizens will be to initially focus on their greatest interests related to family

support, community sustainability, cultural expression and preservation and specific personal



Elders represent the traditional Native Values that need to be at the heart of all 21st Century activity.

Youth represent the adaptability to change, many having already embraced digital

communications technologies. Together, hand in hand, they need to define how the best of the

old, and the new, can create an honorable sustainable future for us all.


The independent spirit of Alaskan Natives of all ages will demonstrate innovative leadership

showcasing their historic adaptability, generosity, tenacity, and good humor by being first to

demonstrate the union of Native Spirit and Broadband Best Practices across all BTOP priority



The Healthy Villages model directly addresses the National Native Network whitepaper,

summarized below, which has been presented to, and supported by, more that 100 Federally

recognized native tribes and several large tribal organizations including Affiliated Tribes of

Northwest Indians and the Intertribal Council of California


The National Native Network Rapid Deployment Solution:

June 16th 2009, the National Council of American Indians and the Whitehouse staff met to

discuss the Nation-to-Nation E-government obligation of the Federal Gov. to provide all tribal

leaders with access to consultancy with federal agencies. It was determined that physically

bringing all tribal leaders to DC routinely was not cost effective when the Internet can be used

for far more than simple email and webinars, such as 2-way video, video-mail, podcasts,

interactive webinars, application sharing, and the best emerging new tools.


The National Native Network is a vision for an immediate SECURE satellite broadband

solution to connect all tribal leaders with federal agencies for consultancy; including local

dissemination of essential content from all Gov. agencies, for safety, health, education, and

economic development. (First Priorities: DHS, IHS, HHS, DOC, DOL, DOI)


The National Native Network vision provides a unique forum for Federal E-gov innovations

streamlining citizen access to federal agency services with emphasis on inviting citizen input,

and demonstrating transparency and accountability, with new E-efficiencies producing

dramatic cost savings. This model can be quickly replicated for all small communities, and

community centers, nationally and internationally. http://lone-eagles.com/nationalnativenetwork.htm


The Viability of the National Native Network via the expansion the Alaska Healthy Village

rapid deployment training systems to all interested rural and tribal communities would assure

widespread access to immediate essential broadband readiness training to prepare for planned

terrestrial broadband systems.


The National Native Network can scale rapidly providing independent tribal solutions with

interoperability with all participating sites, and has immediate implications for all rural and

remote communities regarding secure communications, national preparedness, and culturally

appropriate broadband training best practices.


The Alaska Healthy Village Program is an exact prototype of technology and training

excellence that can be quickly called on to meet a number of challenges that are specifically

targeted by the NTIA Sustainable Broadband Adoption program and other ARRA initiatives.