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EDTE 5174 -

Making the Best Use of Internet Resources for K-12 Instruction

(5 quarter credits)

Course Description:

This unique course is designed for busy educators and offers maximum flexibility and personal support from Frank Odasz in a mastery learning format. Participants have one year to complete eight five-hour lessons and a ten-hour final project to receive their five quarter graded recertification credits. You may review this course by clicking
 EDTE 5174  and the  New (2008) Web 2.0 resources for this course. This course relates directly to all ISTE NETS standards and 21st Century Literacy themes and is designed as an introductory course for educators seeking to motivate youth through 21st Century Web 2.0 tools for written interaction, multimedia content creation and self-directed learning.

Students today are “digital natives” - the first digital generation. Teachers' roles are changing rapidly due to the wealth of new online learning resources for students. Effective 21st Century educators need to know how to link students with the best Internet learning resources and efficiently broker the best on-line learning programs for their students.

In this online course, taught by Frank Odasz, who has been innovating with online education or educators since 1988, educators will experience the best K-12 resources on the Internet within the context of their emerging roles of brokering the best Internet resources for individualized and small group student learning. A listserv creates an on-going forum for teachers to receive regular resource updates, share with each other the best classroom-ready resources they have found during this class and for peer discussions related to classroom use of Internet resources and capabilities. Making the best use of Internet resources for K12 Instruction is in eight four-hour units to help you:

- Learn to motivate your students by easily creating curriculum web pages, blogs, wikis, online quizzes and classroom web sites.
- Identify the best classroom-ready lesson plans and K12 resources searchable by grade level and topic
- Learn to quickly find Webquests and other classroom-ready curriculum and project-based learning activities
- Learn the best strategies for dealing with key issues regarding K12 Internet use
- Participate in a peer listserv for convenient ongoing sharing of the best new Internet resources
- Review quality K12 online classes and online professional development opportunities
- Learn to use the latest Web 2.0 Internet collaborative tools to engage students in reading and writing
- Learn grant-writing skills and access Alaskan grant templates, and key sources for funding and tutorials

Lone Eagle Consulting specializes in rural, remote and indigenous Internet training. This is your opportunity to benefit from Frank Odasz's broad experience, and his current 'cutting-edge' knowledge, obtained from his extensive travel and diverse involvement with training teachers. New (2008) Web 2.0 resources for this course are at http://web2fork12classrooms.pbwiki.com

You can conveniently page through dozens of Frank’s online publications by going to http://searchme.com and entering “Frank Odasz” and selecting “search all”  Add Native, K12, or Rural, or any combination to see specific resources. All Frank's resources, courses, articles, speaking services, resume, and published history are accessible at: http://lone-eagles.com, Send any questions you might have to Email: frank@lone-eagles.com. Or just call: Ph/Fax: 406-683-6270.

Instructor Biographical Information: Lone Eagle Consulting, Dillon, Montana

Frank Odasz has a passion for personal mastery learning online support of busy educators. Frank has been teaching teachers online since 1988. presented dozens of times for classrooms of all grade levels Frank appreciates the challenges and opportunities associated with motivating the first digital generation.

Frank has been enjoying teaching online courses for SPU for the past eight years. Frank served as a faculty for 13 years at the University of Montana, Western in Dillon, Montana, before becoming Lone Eagle Consulting, specializing in teaching online (from a remote ranchhouse in Montana.) From 1988 to 1998, he was director of the well-known Big Sky Telegraph network, providing on-line courses to rural teachers. Frank's work has been recognized for excellence by four congressional reports, the White House, and dozens of books and publications. New (2008) Web 2.0 resources.