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Advanced Skillbuilder:



Go to http://reader.google.com and get yourself a Google Reader account. You do not need to download anything. Google Reader is an RSS aggregator which allows you to subscribe to blogs and video blogs and podcasting subscriptions and more. Once you click on the orange or blue RSS icon in the address bar of your browser you will be asked if you want to subscribe that site to your Google Reader. If you agree, then all new content, video, audio and/or text, will be automatically transferred to your personal google reader.

VIEW this "show and tell" video capture

Using Google Reader to subscribe to blogs for text, video, and audio (podcasts) feeds http://legendtrust.com/frank/lessonfourjingadvanced.swf  ( created with www.jingproject.com )

This might sound complicated but once you have tried it you will see how super easy this really is. RSS means Really Simple Syndication.

VIEW the two short explanation videos on Blogs and RSS
in the Blogging resources section of our class wiki:   http://nativehearts.pbwiki.com

Here are a few additional resources you might like to explore related to Lesson four media literacy themes.

Media and Visual Literacy

·         Healthy Media Choices


·         Center for Media Literacy http://www.medialit.org

·         The Media Awareness Network
The Media Awareness Network offers practical support for media
education in the home, school and community and provides Canadians and
others with information and "food for thought" on our fast-evolving media

·         Media Literacy Links

·         National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture

·         Technology Learning Magazine

·         New Mexico Media Literacy Project

·         Media Builder
Web tools to design and create web multimedia

 Alaskans Twitter http://www.adn.com/money/story/684201.html

Advanced articles on Social Media Trends are at http://lone-eagles.com/social-media-trends.htm

This site works students through the advertising process.  http://www.adcracker.com/2008/index.htm It allows students to review guidelines and advertisements on how to create effective advertisements for visual media.  The students can then divide into groups and create their own advertisement.  The advertisements can be submitted and then evaluated by AdCracker. This project gives excellent examples and guidelines where students understand the “whys” of why some advertisements work and other don’t.

Computer prodigy. Billings, Montana entrepreneur,

Social Networking news http://mashable.com/ 

The following links are from the Alaska/Apple laptop program where 6000 laptops have been given to Alaskan Youth to help them develop 21st Century Skills for Global Competitiveness.

Critical issues and 21st century literacy

Apple ak 1:1 videos http://web.mac.com/aasb.cdl/Consortium_for_Digital_Learning/About_Digital_Learning.html

21st century 1 page article with links to a presentation, other articles, etc http://web.mac.com/aasb.cdl/Consortium_for_Digital_Learning/21st_Century_Skills.html

Critical Issues:  The New Literacy; 21st Century Learning in Alaska

SurfingPrizes: http://www.surfingprizes.com
This website was developed by a fiften year-old.  Cameron Johnson has a well-organized, attractive , user-friendly site that is really just a database of resources - all surfing related --and each listing, an advertiser that pays him to be listed.

This is an interesting article relating to teen online businesses: http://www.gnextinc.com/news/010722054.html