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Lesson Seven

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Advanced Skillbuilder:


Create a five minute instructional video “product” using Jing

Take the 2 minute tour, and download and install it if you have not already. (For both Mac and PCs. www.jingproject.com)

The online learning business is booming worldwide. Your opportunity is to be able to make a living teaching anything to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Based on your experience with this online course, create a 3-5 minute video using Jing (no camera required) to actually teach something useful and include a way of having the person who has learned something from your video prove what they learned by sending you something demonstrating their new skill or knowledge. Your challenge is to make it fun and easy for those youth who may have short attention spans and low reading skills.

Imagine you are creating a $20 product which teaches something really important, or of significant interest to youth. You have seen many video examples throughout this academy on how to create:
1. A Youtube channel,
2. a Wiki web site,
3. a Ning social network site,
4. Tripod ecommerce site,
5. How to use Skype
6. How to use Google Groups and Google Reader
7. What is a wiki, a blog, RSS, etc.

OR, Perhaps you would prefer to do a short web tour of career web sites which you think are outstanding?  The jing overview in this “Lesson Seven” is an example of a quick introduction to many interesting web sites in under five minutes. Using the Tabs feature of Firefox browser you can have all your web pages already loaded ready to show. Perhaps after you “show” a few exciting sites, your students will be more motivated to do the lesson?

OR, (Advanced and Optional)

Imagine you have been hired to teach this course starting next October.
(Major proposals are planned to be submitted July 2009.)

Design a really short first lesson for this course with your insights on how best to engage future participants presuming they are Alaskan Native youth between ages of 16 and 24 who are no longer in school. You are welcome to edit the existing lesson one for this course, or to simply write a few paragraphs with your redesign suggestions. 

How much would you charge per person for your services during the eight weeks using the existing lessons? What skills would you guarantee you can deliver to justify the cost for your services?

Do you believe you can deliver? Why, or why not? What do you feel are your greatest challenges?

Please write a few paragraphs based on your general experiences online, and specifically from your experience with this course.

Email your tasks from this lesson to your coach frank@lone-eagles.com and/or to the class listserv:  loneeagleacademy-L@netpals.lsoft.com

EXPLORE: Here are a few exceptional resources to explore:

READ: Stanford University Offers Entrepreneurship Podcasts and Video Clips 
http://www.matr.net/article-30362.html  An article on Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship resources


Stanford University’s  Entrepreneurship Corner
The Entrepreneurship Corner (ECorner), sponsored in part by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, features clips recorded during guest lectures at Stanford University. Over 1200 videos and even more podcasts and other resources.


Kauffman Entrepreneurship Video Library
In addition to the collection of multimedia, the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship offers a Fast-Trac Entrepreneurship curriculum and extensive resources at www.kauffman.org


Startup Nation
www.startupnation.com This link was presented in lesson one, and revisiting the site based on what you have learned in lessons one-seven is recommended.