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Technology Survey (Getting Ready to Begin)



Tech Survey:

Results of this survey will be kept private.

In order to customize the lessons, and best meet your individual learning goals,
Iíd like to learn as much as I can about what you already know, and
what Internet speeds, computers, software and peripherals (like video cameras) you have to work with.

            The more I know about what you already know, or donít know and most want to
            learn, the better Iíll be able to customize this course to best suit your needs and interests.

Please send your responses and any questions you might have regarding the course,
particularly regarding the technology questions to Frank Odasz frank@lone-eagles.com
I can always call you for a chat if you email me, or you are invited to call me
PH: 406 683 6270

I recommend you cut and paste the questions, and your responses, into an email message
so you will have as much space as you want for your answers.

Just answer what you can:

Do you own a computer, if so, is it Mac or PC?  Or will you be using someone elseís computer?

What Internet connection and speeds will you use?  (dial-up, satellite, wireless, DSL, fiber optics) (slow, medium, fast, donít know?)

Can you view videos online, and hear audio without a problem? Do you know? If not, we will test this soon together.

Do you have a microphone and/or a webcam and know how to use them?

Do you have access to a digital camera, and/or a digital video camera?

Have you created web sites, blogs, wikis, podcasts, online videos or any other new media before.
If so, please share the specifics and include web addresses (optional)

Have you used www.skype.com for Internet phone calls? Whatís your Skype ID?

Please include any other IDs such as AIM, Ichat, etc. (optional)


As the course gets going, we will need to know who needs help and who can provide help.

How comfortable are you with using computers and Internet?

Not at all    Somewhat comfortable    Very comfortable    Extremely experienced

How comfortable are you with interacting online via email and social networks?

Not at all    Somewhat comfortable    Very comfortable    Extremely experienced

Would you be willing to help others that might need encouragement and your technical assistance?

What questions or concerns do you have regarding this class? What can we do to help?

Please rate your current knowledge of the following:

Your understanding of media and financial literacy

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High

Your knowledge of workforce related Internet resources, programs and entrepreneurial opportunities

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High

Your knowledge of effective stress management

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High

Your understanding of appropriate workplace behaviors and strategies for dealing with harassment

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High


Ideally, during this course everyone will learn to use Google reader or Itunes to subscribe via RSS (it is really easy) to the class blog, youtube channel and possibly other sites as the most convenient way to automatically receive all your course media and content.


Participants will have the opportunity to develop electronic resumes and/or multimedia portfolios of their web sites and new media which they already have created and/or will create during this class. Students will learn how to create blogs, wikis, ning social media sites, online courses, youtube videos and channels, video capture how-to tutorials, how to create many types of online businesses, and how to teach anyone anywhere anything anytime.  It is all really easy, once you know how and you can decide how much or how little you are ready to learn, and can set your own pace.