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Welcome to the Online Class!

Please read the following and then begin Lesson One, and keep your instructor posted on your honest reaction to the lesson format, content and whatever else you are feeling.

Learn, Earn, and Serve

This course is a Train-The-Trainers model where all the web 2.0 tools you will use to learn, you will be able to use to teach others to earn a living as an instructional entrepreneur. The measure of your value as an instructor will be your effectiveness encouraging learners, and your ability to prove they learned specific skills. The authentic measures of learning and new skills which you will be asked to post on the web will be the same way your students can demonstrate their new capabilities. This is all really easy once you know how. Success is guaranteed.

Building your own knowledge, and skills, is the purpose of this academy. Learning to use the Internet to learn what’s working for others is a first step. Then, learning-to-earn in a way that best suits your personal interests, skills and preferred lifestyle. In order to demonstrate your skills - through this learning adventure you will serve others by creating one or more community service web sites demonstrating your web-authoring skills.

You will have the option to create web sites of many kinds for those who need them but don’t know how. You will create an electronic portfolio (web site) showcasing your web-based creations for future employment purposes. (See the sample portfolio listed on this page created by Renee Estelle http://eportfoliocourse.bravehost.com/ ) As you transfer your skills to others, we will document your successes on the web as an online resume proving your abilities as an instructor.  In this way we will advertise your for-profit services.

By the end of the first eight weeks you will have many exciting web-based innovations, including a resume electronic portfolio to show potential employers regarding your new skills and abilities. What you create will be of your own invention. The final weeks of this academy will be an opportunity to finish building our individual businesses and/or special projects.  We will help you with whatever you need.

Getting your head in the game, the game of making your life all it truly can be, requires staying positive, no matter what happens. Seriously, keeping our attitudes shiny is the most important part of this class, and the most important key to success in life. We need to agree to treat others as we would like to be treated.

We officially started on April Fool’s Day. So what’s the joke? There is one, and it is huge. This is the grand “Cosmic Joke” and it is that happiness in life will be 90% based on your attitude. And also that what you give to others comes back to you - tenfold. There are those we will meet who are “takers” and often being around them drains our energy. And there are those who are “givers” and being around them boosts our energy.

You have one huge advantage and that is your youth. You have your life ahead of you and can make important mental adjustments so that when you are 55 years old looking back, you will be happy with the way you spent the days of your life. And satisfied that your life made the world a better place and had real meaning. It is better to go through the dance of life with “happy feet” rather than slogging along staring at the ground in front of you. There isn't a billionaire alive who wouldn't give all his or her money to be young like you. Seriously!

You are not expected to take my word for anything. You will be able to prove to yourself what is true. You will build your own knowledge.

All I am asking of you is to give me a shot at showing you some really great options for getting your life in gear.
I will screw up - that is how I learn. I will hope to learn from you how to do better. You are expert on more than you may believe.
Together, we can create the right type of online course for others like you.

We’re always ready to learn, never to be taught.
Winston Churchill

“We make a living by what we get, and make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill



Amid a world in crisis, we share an opportunity to both help ourselves and help others.

This academy represents a new form of team learning and mutual support with the goal being to identify best practices for becoming a free agent, able to live and work anywhere.

The current global economic crisis represents your opportunity to find a need and fill it – by providing something of value whether it is the labor of your body, or that of your mind, or both. As you see how this academy is delivered, you will be able to become an online coach and instructor yourself using either the same tools and lessons, or by making them better, or creating your own.

Your honest feedback for each lesson is requested, as you are more an expert on your peer group than I am and I’m asking for your advice every step of the way. The more fun and motivating the academy can be, the better for all of us.

If you want to check out my background: Click on this link:  "Frank Odasz" for a quick "visual search engine" ( www.searchme.com ) overview of the volume of online resources offered online without restriction by Lone Eagle Consulting. Select "Search All."  Add the keyword "native" or "Alaska" and you'll see only the Lone Eagle Native and /or Alaskan resources displayed.

More on my background is available at http://lone-eagles.com/update2009.htm and http://lone-eagles.com/history.htm

My goal for this course is that it be easy going, fun, high level digitally, and that we get all participants making money as soon as possible.