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Lesson One

 Becoming a 21st Century Learner and Earner



Welcome to Lesson one!

View this five minute video capture overview of this lesson.

(Click the link - it might take a minute to download.)

         Each lesson recommends four half-hour sessions (per week)

              VIEW some excellent short videos online.
              EXPLORE some outstanding websites for ideas on what you can do

              SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS - Send an email to everyone in the class

              READ Or LISTEN TO:
                             Short articles with ideas on trends and opportunities
                             Mac users have a Text to Speech feature to read documents aloud.  
                             ((highlight the text first)) Select Finder, Services, Speech, Start Speaking Text)


Goals of this lesson:

  Get comfortable with the online lessons

  Get to know the others in the class and send everyone a message about yourself

  View some short videos on successful Internet self-employment

  Explore great Alaskan resources to see what other Alaskans are doing

  Read (or listen to) a few articles on 21st Century Workforce


Let's Get Started:

Here are some very short videos to get you inspired...

Start with this first video: Did you know?   (six minutes)
Note the related videos on the right side of the page.

View: Batsbatsbats (Two minutes)

Shane Johnson started using eBay to sell beanie babies and then one baseball bat at a time. Within five years he had create a successful business with a 12,000 square foot warehouse and five different sporting goods web sites. He is based in rural SE Idaho and most of his business is online from out-of-state.

View: Teaching English to Koreans using Skype Two-Way Video.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOQz1zU8jwg Very short  (14 seconds)

and Look at a few sites in these three lists for ideas

Alaskan Native Art Ecommerce Web Tour
To see how Alaskan Artists are marketing their work worldwide, here is a web tour
of Alaska Native art and crafts web sites originally created by Steve Peterson.

Alaska Eco-tourism resources
To see how Alaskan villages can market new experiences for tourists,
check out these resources gathered by Natalie Baumgartner from McGrath, AK

Sloan Foundation Career videos and resources
Here are many videos on many different careers. Explore to see if there is anything that interests you.

READ, or Listen To:

The Navajo Youth Chocolate ecommerce entrepreneurial success story at
http://www.dailyyonder.com/wanted-broadband-and-broader-minds  This website (  www.lickitysplitchocolate.com ) was started by Native American youth in San Juan County, Utah, where the poverty rate is over 40%. The business, though legally owned by adults, is managed and staffed by youth, the CEO being fifteen years of age. Lickety Split Chocolate ships some 44,000 orders each month. This is what rural communities need " a chance for youth to be involved, to learn business skills and make money for themselves." And technology provided the medium for their business to succeed.


Share your thoughts with the others in the class by sending a message to the class mailing list at

LONEEAGLEACADEMY-L@NETPALS.LSOFT.COM   (You should have received a welcome message and instructions)

Message Frank@lone-eagles.com if you have any questions.

Lesson Feedback: Optional, but much appreciated.

Email your feedback to frank@lone-eagles.com

        1. Did this lesson work for you? Was it too much? Not enough?

      2. What was of greatest interest?  Least Interest? 

      3. How much time did you spend on this lesson?


For more advanced resources to explore and a skillbuilders activity
                                                            to learn how to create a free ecommerce website go to:

Whatever you create online will go on your online resume to show off your web skills.