Music Theory

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Free Music Theory Training


Ricci Adams’ Comprehensive Site


Thinkquest Site site – 46 lessons


Dolmetsch Online


Site by a college graduate


Music Theory specifically for Guitar Players


Music Theory Lessons for Guitar and Bass Players


Teoria Music Theory Web – drill and practice


Virginia Commonwealth Resource Site – LOTS HERE!!


MiBac Software – some free pages and also a complete program for sale


Basic Theory Intro


Very Cool and Comprehensive Site by University of Pittsburgh teacher


Text Based Theory Information


Music Theory Blog with some basic instruction


Southern Methodist University theory site


Intermediate to Advanced Theory Topics


In Tactus – rhythm training software – interactive and free


Western Michigan University Theory Help Site – Comprehensive with some interactive applications


One Minute Music Theory Turorials


Chord Theory





Music Theory Worksheets for Educators and Students


Music Quizzes for Classrooms


Theory Worksheets


Virginia Commonwealth Worksheets – comprehensive


Circle of Fifths and Beyond


Dr. Feezell’s Site


Music Flash Cards ($$)


Music Ed Site – Listing of a few sites that offer free worksheets


Limited number of Worksheets Here


More than just theory worksheets





Music Theory Programs ($$)


Practica Musica


eMusicTheory Site – Subscription based program


Lotus Music Program




Theory Time – Various products for educators


Gary Ewers Music Theory Program


College Prep Online Training Program


MiBac Software


Chord Wizard Software


Eric Weisstein’s Theory Site





Ear Training Sites


Perfect Pitch Site


Sightreading Site


Ear Training Program


Part of GMajor Theory by University of Pittsburgh teacher


Free Online Ear Training Site


Interactive Ear Training including testing