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Australian Indigenous Links

While the following collection is unorganized, it is quite comprehensive drawing from diverse individuals across Australia.
Additions are most welcome. Email: Frank Odasz  frank@lone-eagles.com

Nov. 2004, a National Indigenous Council has been created

July 04 updates:

Karen and Graeme’s indigenous projects are powering ahead.  In terms of finding out information about the past year, I think the best source is a website we have built recently called telinfo (www.telinfo.gov.au).  This website includes links to our indigenous webpages, which run through what is happening on the indigenous telecommunications front.  Telinfo also includes information about an information campaign we have been running on television and radio, and in newspapers, including downloads of the ads.  The ads have concentrated on telecommunications consumer rights and a broadband scheme (HiBIS) we have launched recently for rural and remote consumers.  As part of the campaign, we are also about to launch an information booklet specifically targeted at indigenous consumers.  Copies of this will be available on telinfo.

From Robyn











 http://www.bluemissile.com/articles_instruct.htm  Might not be australian






“Indigenous People and Information Technology” website:
Please forward your proposal by 15th October 2004 to:
Best regards,
Laurel, Max and Steve
Dr Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Max Hendriks and Stephen Grant
Editors of “Indigenous People and Information Technology”
Faculty of Information Technology
University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123 Broadway NSW 2007, Australia
Phone:  +61 2 9514 4493 or +61 2 9514 4485
Fax:   +61 2 9514 1807
Email: indigenous-it@it.uts.edu.au

Julie Gibson
Project Manager, Cutting Loose Online Conference

International VET Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Level 2, Block H
Meadowbank College of TAFE,
See Street
Meadowbank  NSW  2114

T: 0412 699 674
E: julie.gibson@det.nsw.edu.au
W: http://pdnonline.tafensw.edu.au

New govt portals, see indigenous

Customer Focussed Portals Project
> Specific questions on this initiative can be answered by Mike Stracey.
Aussie women's links comprehensive consolidation of links to women's
affairs: http://www.osw.dpmc.gov.au/  Under useful links you will find links
to all the State Government equivalents, and to advocacy groups. And under
networks is a link to the website that is now the gateway for women's

Dec. 03 collected links

www.irititja.com/soical_arairititija.html archive project

www.cadigalwangal.com.au and www.cityofsydney.gov.216/banani http://cyberdreaming.org 

Thunderboys http://www.abc.net.au/message/blackarts/telegraph/thunder/

Aboriginal History archive project with mobile units in each community at www.irititja.com/soical_arairititija.html

A Model Arts Center in Fregon, Australia
www.kaltjitiarts.com.au info@kaljitiarts.com.au  
Contemporary Aboriginal art is sent to Kashmir where third world artisans create tapistries based on the art and these are co-marketed and royalties shared. A great model of global collaboration!

Desart Art Centers http://www.desart.com.au/ 

Deadly Mob Youth Centre, (Deadly means really great, and mob simply means group) www.deadlymob.org

Excellent School Web Sites
 Rawa School in the community of Punmu in the Pilbara area of Western Australia http://www.users.bigpond.com/rawa/default.htm   
Roebourne School in the Pilbara area of Western Australia

AP Lands Communities: Visit our site www.waru.org or had a look at the portal we are developing at

www.waru.org/newsite still needs a lot of work and some of the info isn't
correct at this point (it hasn't been released to the public yet) but its
definitely worth a look.

Outback Events - what they do for fun


Mary G. is something of an Aboriginal role model - A male comedian who impersonates a woman.

Below are the links I've been asked to review prior to my two week country-wide tour!
While not well organized, with a little exploring you'll find some real gems! You may have to cutnpaste the longer ones back together where they wrapped in mid-link.
with the final report, which has some good background for you is at...
A few pages of reference about the project...
Another Aussie guy you might have a read of is at...
this is the sort of usefull stuff Tom gets up to...
Here is a good start in getting up to speed on the AUstralian circumstance
as we discussed...
this is the report that was commissioned by Sen. Alston that i think is
part of the genisis of your visit downunder
the immediate response on one side was...
and then the other...
but the very last paragraph by Hon. John Anderson sounds like where you
come in.
then the answer is - more money...
and that was not enough, then...
ok, now for some collective commentry before and after...
Local Government Association of Queensland
some numbers and stats...
from the 'orses mouth, so to speak...

Measures of a knowledge-based economy and society, Australia

[if this don't work, the front door is...  http://www.abs.gov.au/   then
this is the most recent Federal data that no one argues with.
then from the National Farmers Federation... note when they knew the
"The main components of these social bonus initiatives are:
Initially from T1 - $250m for the Regional Telecommunications
Infrastructure Fund delivering a wide range of community driven initiatives
improving infrastructure and services
And as part of T2 the following programs
$158m - building IT strengths (BITS)
$150m - extended untimed local calls (ULC tender)
$120m - improved television coverage
$70m - building additional rural networks (BARN)
$70m - rural transaction centres (RTCs)
$45m - local government fund
$36m - Internet for rural and regional
$28m - highway mobile phone coverage
$20m - Isolated Island communities"
then added some more from Telstra County Wide...
Government initiatives to spend our dollars...
An example of one research result I found of use was from Lanark County,
Ontario Canada...


The Mobile Telecommunications Education and Training Service will work directly with communities to provide information on a range of telecommunications matters, including TAPRIC programs, telephone and Internet opportunities, and consumer telecommunications rights. The service will travel to remote Indigenous communities in selected regions of the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland between July 2003 and March 2004. The service will also provide community training in Internet use and web publishing, with a strong emphasis on passing on skills to the communities.

Australia Indigenous and CN links

another site you might like to look at is http://www.wired.org.au/
<http://www.wired.org.au/>    (Working with Indigenous Peoples with
Disability).  Under the "Resources" button on the left (then go to "working
with Indigenous Peoples"), you will find handy hints on protocol for dealing
with communities. The second link, in particular, has good advice about
manners etc - note the stuff on taking photos/videos.  The site more
generally will give you a good understanding of the levels of disadvantage
(or as Linda Epstein of BRAVO, says, "distress") experienced by our
Indigenous peoples, particularly those in remote areas.
The contact for Tjurabalan is Peter Jebb.  Betsy Dixon spoke to him earlier
in the week.  I think it's fair to say that he was a trifle surprised (as I
don't think our contact in Canberra had spoken to him yet), but seemed ok
once she had talked through the proposal. His contact details are:
<mailto:Peter.Jebb@dotars.gov.au> Peter.Jebb@dotars.gov.au
Community Initiatives Coordinator, WA COAG Site
Department of Transport & Regional Services
Department of Family & Community Services
PO Box 58 Halls Creek WA 6770
Phone: 08 9168 5649; Fax: 08 9168 6235; Mob:0427 603 177


Indigenous Protected Area program, contact Environment Australia's Community Information Unit on 1800 803 772 or by email at ciu@ea.gov.au, or visit the web site at:

From Karen G.

http://www.waru.org /   Waru - Internet environment   &

http://waru.org/ap/index.html   AP Lands

Will Rogers is the contact for AP Lands - he is manager of the PY Media organisation on the AP Lands, and his email is will@waru.org  (note - no '.au').  He is the one who will be guiding you through the AP Lands and their iconnect project (see details of telecommunicaitons initiatives at Waru website above) - also have a look at the link to the Ara Irititja archival project on the Waru site.

http://www.icat.org.au/  CAT

http://www.desart.com.au/  Desart

http://www.deadlymob.org/  Deadly Mob

http://www.caama.com.au/  CAAMA

http://www.telecentres.wa.gov.au/wavol.htm  Western Australia Telecentres program

The contact for Tjurabalan has been out bush all this week, so I will contact him Monday and forward you his contact details

http://www.multilocus.com.au/  Multilocus Interactive - multiple media production company that is working with Language Centres in Indigenous communities to develop language education products; project funded under our Telecommunications Action Plan for Remote Indigenous Communities (TAPRIC).

Check out the 'Portfolio' part of their site to see the language products that the TAPRIC project is based upon.  They are currently 'on location' working in the Pilbara.


Some local Indigenous community school websites

http://www.users.bigpond.com/rawa/default.htm    Rawa School in the community of Punmu in the Pilbara area of Western Australia http://www.roebourne.wa.edu.au/default2.htm  Roebourne School in the Pilbara area of Western Australia

Other Indigenous sites of interest http://www.ards.com.au/default.html   ARDS

http://www.crocfestivals.org.au   Croc Festivals - a national, annual Indigenous youth dance festival, promoting health, education & employment. Check out the 'events' button for lots of pics.

http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/atsia/media/media03/r03046.htm  Media release re Tjurabalan 'whole-of-government' trial (additional background info) http://www.atsia.gov.au/atsia/media/media03/r03048.htm   Media release reTjurabalan 'whole-of-government' trial. http://www.outbackcamel.com.au/html/walmajarri.html  info on Tjurabalan area



www.desart.com.au, www.deadlymob.org, the Cape York Digital Network and database work in the AP Lands and in the Top End. Aussie, jason gibson
Cicada's Online Documentary Programs aim to provide a space for community
visioning and building local capacity in health and wellbeing for developing
communities. Participants direct the real time story and the learning
content. More at http://www.cicada.net.au
The latest"VirtualWorkexperience" is currently online. It is a 4 week
program introducing and promoting health careers toIndigenous high school
children in remote Australian communities.It can be accessed via
If anyone knows of an organisation in a developing community which may like
to use this program to develop local skills, knowledge and networks, we have
funding bodies interested in seeing this program piloted in such a place.
Judith Hewitson
Director,Online Documentary Training
Manager, Mobile Independent Living Centre
Money conversion link: http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic?user=telefocal



Kevin says:  Town7 is where the surfing beaches connect with the reef snorkling beaches.

Lots of entries for 'regional Australia' mainly from the government, but
they also use the term rural, even though the agency uses regional i the
title. Here is the moribund discussion area for this agency: You can work
backwards to get a picture of what's happening.


The following 2001 document might be worth reading. I have only browsed the
TOC here:


It's called "the Rural Book 2001" and has a bunch of chapters on govt.
services. Chap 8 is on 'communications' and you don't need to download the
whole thing.
Centre for Community Networking Research, School of Information Management and Systems, Monash University www.ccnr.net

www.agd.com.au Best indigenous
www.atsic.gov.au Indigenous org, neat multimedia logo
http://www.natsiew.nexus.edu.au/ National Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander Education Website
www.desart.com.au Central Aus. Indigenous art project
abo artist ANKAAA
www.gilanet.net US Project excellent image/design
Telecommunications action plan for indigenous communities
www.dcita.gov.au  Find link to telecommunications then  indigenous then study.

Australian Links http://www.bloorstreet.com/300block/aborintl.htm#4

Australia Maps (Magellan) WWW Virtual Library: Aboriginal Studies Koori Net The Term "Koori" The Aboriginal Page at VicNet WWW Virtual Library: Australian Indigenous Languages SOF Web: Indigenous Resources CoombsWeb AIATSIS Electronic Data Archive

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library Resource Net Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies InfoKoori Inquiry into Separation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Children from Families Kam Yan: Indigenous Australia Today Mareeba Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Page Oorala Aboriginal Centre (UNE)

National Native Title Tribunal Native Title Cases The Mabo Papers The Wik Debate Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation Native Title Research Unit Indigenous Cultural & Intellectual Property Rights Australian Indigenous Peoples and the Law

Tandanya: Aboriginal Cultural Institute Aboriginal Art Gallery Online OneWorld: Australian Aboriginal Art Austral Art Gallery Dreamtime Art Gallery Feral Art Australian Rock Art Research Ass'n Australia Arts & Culture Yothu Yindi (Yolngu Music and Art) Yolngu Dance Mulga Music Didgeridoos The Festival of the Dreaming

Indigenous Health Network Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Watch National Archives National Library Australian Cultural Directory Other Cultural Links OzWeb

sister cities international www.sister-cities.org  
Position paper on Australian/Chinese sister cities www.accci.com.au/sister.htm
New Zealand sister cities www.akcity.govt.nz/about_auckland/the_city/sister_cities/

Michigan/Japan sister cities project www.chelsea-shimizu.org  


The Australian Sister Cities Association 2001 National Conference - Bunbury Busselton WA.
Fireworks Splice HTML ... We hope you enjoyed the Australian Sister Cities Association 2001 National Conference. As soon as the final report is finished, we will post it here on this site for 12 months, ...www.asca2001.com

The National League of Cities
... legislative advocacy program. (c)Copyright 2001 The National League of Cities 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue ... Conservation Meets Growth Management April 15, 2002 Sister Cities; A Grand Concept Cries Out ...

Davis, CA CN sister city Uman , Sister City Homepage (Davis Virtual Market)
... Information ] [ Contact Information ] Uman, Ukraine became a sister city to Davis, California on May 17, ... understanding between our cities. The Uman-Davis Sister
City Project and the Davis Joint ...


>:: New :: agm hui updates for te wairere wahine
>:: society for professional maori women in information technology ::
>PO Box 80136 Green Bay Auckland New Zealand Aotearoa
>Ph +64-21-671018






The concept of community readiness refers to the presence of community factors that act positively to promote community take-up of services. Readiness could be stimulated by:

On the negative side inhibitors of community readiness might include:

We are organizing at ASIS&T annual meeting a second Global Information
Village Plaza, which is sort of happening and free speech area in
contrast with dominant academic and techno-structure discourses. See


Online council's New connections portal community toolkit

Anderson says: "The biggest challenge for regional and rural communities is not just to have the infrastructure, but to have the awareness and education to use it profitably and effectively."

Just as it was for Australia at the turn of last century, it's now time for a nation rebuilding program. Let's set ourselves up for the next 100 years by showing some foresight.

"At all costs, the federal government should avoid dealing rural and regional communities out of the future by committing all proceeds of the final sale of Telstra to debt reduction. By all means reduce debt, but be prepared to spend up to $5 or $6 billion of the estimated $30 to $40 billion sale proceeds on Australia's future.

Prime Minister John Howard and Communications Minister Richard Alston today will announce legislation to sell Telstra by 2005-06, a sale expected to raise about $28.5 billion.

Tell the world what's special about where you live!
=>Registration opens October 15, 2003
=>Projects due March 2004
=>LEARN MORE at http://www.globalschoolhouse.org/cf/

Now in its 9th year, CyberFair is an international challenge where students produce a web project that showcases their community and tells a local story about people or programs that provide solutions. CyberFair encourages youth to connect the knowledge they learn in school to real world applications. Youth are inspired to "take action" in order to improve their lives and unite their communities.

Karen Groeneveld Assistant Manager

Indigenous Telecommunications Section

Regional Communications Policy


Department of Communications, IT & the Arts

 phone 02 6271 1223

fax 02 6271 1886

email  karen.groeneveld@dcita.gov.au



Aboriginal Programs Unit website http// www.aboriginaleducation.nsw.edu.au/links/index.html   watch for Robyn's new curriculum

I finished writing a facillitation guide for teaching Aboriginal students in an online environment and am waiting for it to be published on the Aboriginal Programs Unit website http://www.aboriginaleducation.nsw.edu.au/links/index.html I have also been involved in a project creating resources for teaching computer skills to a group of Aboriginal women, which will also be modified for men.
On a personal work note, I'm looking at writing up a program for Cultural Awareness which will initially be taught face-2-face but hopefully online at some stage.  This should be really interesting to write and I will keep you up to date as to how I go with it.  Frank you seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of us here, I could learn a great deal from you - too bad you live so far away!
  Take care and keep in touch
AborigineRobyn Ridgeway
Course Manager
Diploma of Aboriginal Studies
51 Wentworth Road
Strathfield NSW 2135 
612 9715 8597
robyn.ridgeway@tafensw.edu.au <mailto:robyn.ridgeway@tafensw.edu.au>