The Good Neighbor's Guide
     to Community Networking


The following readings and URLs are intended to present a summative guide, and hands-on Web Tour, to the essential lessons and concepts gleaned from the experience of the early community networking pioneers who explored new methods of matching ‘caring and connectivity’ to create social value for their communities. Many of their community networking guides, directories, and related resources are listed in chapter 11.

Community networking is about sharing information, ideas, and innovations. You have the opportunity to bring the best of over ten years of community network experimentation and innovation to your community. Exactly how you, and your community, will match big-heartedness, with computers and bandwidth, to create a network that is fun, inclusive and productive, will be determined by your imagination, and your ability to share your visions with others. As expectations increase with experience, you can expect your community members to become increasingly proactive in reinventing "their" community network.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: What is a Community Network?

Chapter Two: Community Networking: Making a Difference

Chapter Three: Building Individual and Community Collaborative Capacity

Chapter Four: Starting a Community Network;
                      How to Get and Use the Tools

Chapter Five: Community Networking Applications for Education,
                     Healthcare, and Community Development

Chapter Six: Rural Community E-Business Strategies, and Training

Chapter Seven: Youth-Based Community Development Strategies

Chapter Eight: Grantwriting Tips and Funding Sources

Chapter Nine: Innovation Diffusion; Looking at the Process of Change

Chapter Ten: Twenty Lessons Learned

Chapter Eleven: Bibliography of Community Networking Resources