Lesson One

Introduction to the World Wide Web

This lesson introduces the World Wide Web and the capabilities of web browsers. It is comprised of the five sections shown below, plus the Skillbuilders. Click on the underlined words to go to that section.

Lesson Objectives:
To introduce World Wide Web (WWW).
To introduce further capabilities of web browsers with emphasis on the Netscape browser

Home Pages and Hyperlinks
Many companies and individuals have contributed their archives of information to the online community via the world wide web. The starting point for accessing each person's or company's information is through their home page.

Accessing the World Wide Web
The fastest growing place in cyberspace, the world wide web allows you to access a whole world of online information.

Uniform Resource Locators
All resources on the world wide web have an "address" which can be used to access them from anywhere else on the net. These addresses are called URLs.

A Quick Tour of a Web Browser
A quick walk through some of the features of a web browser. This section specifically walks through where to find the most important features in the Netscape Navigator browser but no matter which browser you use, you may want to look at this section and investigate the functions covered.

As you find resources on the Internet that are valuable to you you will want to save their URLs in a handy way so that you can come back to them again and again.

These are extra exercises designed to help you consolidate some of the concepts introduced in this lesson and to expand on some other interesting areas related to this lesson.

I can:
- Access any site on the World Wide Web given the URL.

- Use my web browser to:
turn images off and on.
go forwards and backwards while browsing web sites.
stop loading.
save text and images.
change the default page.

- Create, edit, and save bookmark files.