Modifying Graphics

Images obtained on the Internet can be modified using graphics software programs. See Lesson 8 of the Learning Basic Internet Skills course for more details.

Most software packages such as Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Workshop, and NIH Image allow for the manipulation of images. For example, you can change the image size, change colors, and even flip and rotate images. Some packages even allow you to cut and paste. We have a colleague who has a photo of himself and his sister on a fishing trip. She caught the big fish. However, once he had "manipulated" the image, guess who was holding the largest fish! By zooming into the image, you can change it pixel by pixel (i.e. dot by dot) for some realistic results.

Obtain an image from the Internet, or scan in one of your own photographs. Experiment with the manipulation capabilities of your image viewing software. (Perhaps surprise your class by displaying an image of them in a place where they have never been!)