Dedicated to those good-hearted individuals who would rather lend their wings to others than hoard their knowledge for competitive advantage and personal gain.


About the Author

Born in Cody, Wyoming, in 1952, Frank Odasz has been a carpenter, oil field roughneck, dude ranch manager, college professor and is now a "Lone Eagle," an independent instructional entrepreneur. In 1982 Frank attended the University of Wyoming to learn the benefits computers and telecommunications could bring to citizens. As one of the earliest pioneers with both online learning and community networking, he founded the Big Sky Telegraph network, 1988-1998, one of the first online systems to offer online courses. Frank’s biography, resume, and photograph are at

During the time Odasz operated the Big Sky Telegraph, Microtimes Magazine listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in the microcomputer industry. In 1992 Big Sky Telegraph was included in the National Information Infrastructure White House Agenda report as a network model of excellence.

Frank Odasz has served as a senior advisor on community networking to the Morino Institute. He has also been an advisor and served on advisory boards of several networking projects throughout the country. He has created online courses on how to create and teach online courses and how to mentor others online. Over the past twenty years he’s been a participant in the evolution of both online learning and community networking. He has traveled over a million miles presenting at conferences and conducting workshops.

Frank's mission statement below is an accurate reflection of his personal philosophy.

"Lone Eagle Consulting strives to maintain the small circle of the very best Internet learning pathways, requiring the least time and effort, to deliver the highest levels of benefit and motivation for people of all cultures and literacy levels."