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Quickstart Internet Collaboration Awareness Activities

ACTIVITY: Read the following essay on building individual and community collaborative capacity at http://lone-eagles.com/capacity.htm

ACTIVITY: Explore the tutorials for the ten top collaborative Internet tools, http://lone-eagles.com/collab.htm. Read the article on educational uses of the ten collaborative tools; http://lone-eagles.com/articles/tencollab.htm, noting that the first two, email and listservs, are the primary ones most people use.

ACTIVITY: Get connected with your peers; Join a Listserv; explore the discussion groups at: http://www.liszt.com Note: There are quality, easy-to-read, instructions at this site for those new to listservs, (also called mailing lists.)

ACTIVITY: Check out the following project-based learning tutorials which include guides for project-based learning activities and planning and implementing web projects! Review the Project-based Learning Resources http://lone-eagles.com/pbl.htm

ACTIVITY: Explore the K-12 project directories and programs at http://lone-eagles.com/projects_tour.htm to appreciate the quality and diversity of "ready-to-go" collaborative activities!

ACTIVITY: Go to the Global Schoolhouse - http://www.gsh.org. Select Professional Development, then select and read "Harnessing the Power of the Web."

ACTIVITY: Explore the following cultural resources and innovations, and the online course resources, in consideration of what you might teach online!