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Quickstart Web-Browsing Awareness Activities

Regardless of your current skill level with the Internet, you're likely to find the enclosed self-directed hands-on activities helpful.

ACTIVITY: Use the Browsing Basics Checklist to master web browsing http://lone-eagles.com/browsing.htm.

ACTIVITY: Explore "Gearing Up With Free Web Tools!"
http://lone-eagles.com/currtour.htm and get your own free email account if you don’t already have one!

ACTIVITY: Explore the enclosed hands-on "Quick Web Tours" http://lone-eagles.com/webtours.htm which interest you most, to get a taste of the best of the best!

ACTIVITY: Use the following Searching Basics Checklist to master Internet searching skills! http://lone-eagles.com/search.htm

ACTIVITY: Practice translating Web pages into different languages to see how easy it is! Details are in the Searching Basics Checklist! http://lone-eagles.com/search.htm

ACTIVITY: Review the Teachers' Tools Web Tour

ACTIVITY: Review the web-based curriculum created by educators during the online course "Making the Best Use of Internet for K12 Instruction"