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Quickstart Web-Authoring Awareness Activities

ACTIVITY: Explore the easiest self-authoring feature on the web: animated musical greeting cards you can send via email: http://www.bluemountain.com

ACTIVITY: Use the following worksheets to create web pages using both HTML and non-HTML methods.

ACTIVITY: Explore the following web development resources for both beginning and advanced web authoring, also at http://lone-eagles.com/webdev.htm.

ACTIVITY: Explore the eight levels of web multimedia at

ACTIVITY: Explore the curriculum authoring tools at
http://lone-eagles.com/currtour.htm and

ACTIVITY: Explore the 5,000+ student-created web sites created for the International Thinkquest competition: http://www.thinkquest.org/library

ACTIVITY: Explore the 8 categories of K-12 student entries in the Cyberfair competition showcasing school and community synergies. http://www.gsn.org

ACTIVITY: Explore the Web Design Tutorial sites listed at the end of http://lone-eagles.com/webdev.htm

ACTIVITY: Learn to download a free software program and review the incredible free software resources at http://www.tucows.com

ACTIVITY: Create your own web page at http://www.homestead.com or http://www.angelfire.com to see how anyone can get a free trial web page created and posted on the web in minutes! Or choose from 700 similar sites at http://personalweb.about.com/internet/personalweb

ACTIVITY: Take five minutes to create your own free trial Ecommerce site at http://www.homestead.com