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Free Web Sites and Tools

Advanced Web Authoring Resources

Interesting Related Free Services

Graphics Libraries

Instructional Web Authoring

A new type of educational site has emerged which walks anyone through the steps for creating curriculum web pages without requiring web authoring skills or web-authoring software. These sites automatically post created pages on the web for future use without requiring a web site account or knowledge of how to upload web pages! You'll be seeing lots more like these! Easy, time-saving, and productive!

Quiz Authoring Sites:

Online Course Authoring Sites:

Virtual Classroom sites

More sites are appearing with really easy "fill-in-the-blank" ways to create web pages,
online classrooms, quizzes and curriculum!

School and Community Collaboration Sites

In addition to offering free virtual classrooms, some sites additionally offer ways to
collaborate online with parents, students, teachers and administrators.

HTML Web Authoring Tutorials

Free Web Collaboration Tools

Web Design Tutorial Sites

Best Free Software Sites

Thousands of very high quality multimedia authoring programs are available at the software downloading sites listed below, complete with instructions on downloading.

For example; to find software for animations: Go to http://www.tucows.com and search for ‘animation." Once you learn to download and install one program (its easy) you’re on your way to unlimited fun and excitement! Downloading instructions are at the sites!