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Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies

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Getting "IT"
(The Benefits of Information Technology Skills)

With the Internet, many of us definitely feel we're not getting "IT."   If you've ever been accused of not getting "IT," you may well have been wondering just what the "IT" was that you weren't getting. There are three "ITs" this course will focus on. The first "IT" is Information Technology and understanding its real possibilities. The second "IT" is Intelligent Training - modeled in this course as fun, social, to-the-point learning focused on tangible outcomes. The third "IT" is Innovative Tenacity. Given the technology and application skills, you'll be challenged to be innovative and proactive in order to unlock the real potential.

Information Technology

Intelligent Training

Innovative Tenacity

Important Tips for Conducting the Lessons

It is recommended that you print each lesson for easiest reading and keep your lessons in a binder. This allows you to make notes on each lesson and to write down the web addresses you will want to return to later. Read each lesson and the recommended readings at least once before exploring the presented web addresses using your web browser. Note that the online lessons will be frequently updated and it is recommended you regularly check the online versions for updates.

The hands-on activities will be the most important part of each lesson, but you'll find it is easy to lose track of time exploring all the great resources. Please consider limiting yourself to the recommended amount of time given for each web tour the first time through to gain a good overview of the quality and range of resources available. The lesson goals are presented as general goals to guide you in creating your own personal strategic plan for your ongoing learning. The most powerful part of this course will be the exploration of the presented web resources from which you will build your own knowledge as well as your own web tours.

After the lesson is completed within the recommended two-hour timeframe, you are welcome to spend all the time you want exploring these resources in depth. Ask questions whenever necessary either privately of the instructor or publicly via the class listserv (online discussion). What you learn from this course will be in direct proportion to the amount of time you invest.

Requirements to Receive the Ecommerce and Telework Certification

To receive the Ecommerce and Telework Certification you must complete the required assignments for each of the ten lessons. Lessons 2-5 have specific Internet Readiness Skills which you'll be encouraged to learn, many of which you may well have already acquired. Extra time may be required for developing these important skills beyond the two-hours per course lesson. Help is available if necessary, just email your instructor. You will post the skills you've acquired on your web-based resume to increase your employability. 

This certification will validate your ability to master the essential Ecommerce and Telework employability skills. In addition, you will qualify for employment as a paid mentor authorized to mentor others through this course at the rate of $20 per mentee. Upon completion you will receive a printed certificate and will have created an electronic portfolio resume web page.

Beginning the Course

Your first step will be to register for the course and to send an email message to your instructor saying you're ready to begin.

Your instructor is Frank Odasz.  Email: frank@lone-eagles.com

This first message should include a short description of your past computer and Internet experience,  your specific goals for taking this course, and whether or not you would like to receive the Ecommerce and Telework Certification.
Begin Lesson One at your convenience

The course lessons page is at http://lone-eagles.com/ecommerce.htm.