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Creating a Flipalbum



30 day downloads of the software for free trials are available at www.flipalbum.com
Versions are available for both Mac and PC.


First Step – getting your narrated photos ready:
The easiest way to create a flipalbum with audio narrations for each photo would be to use a digital camera with the “voice” feature that allows up to 40 seconds of audio to be recorded with each photograph. To create narrated photos of existing print photos you need to select the Macro feature for close-up photos. You would then take a photo of the print photo and have someone narrate the history of each photo within the recording time limit of your particular digital camera. Copy all these narrated photos into a folder on your PC.


If your digital camera doesn’t have the “voice” feature, Flipalbum will let you add audio files to each page/photo. The easiest way to create sound files using Windows is to use the simple Windows sound recorder found at “Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder”  This will create .WAV files.


Second Step – Adding your narrated photos to Flipalbum
Start up the Flipalbum software and you’ll see the three simple Quickstart options.

  1. You must select the folder which contains your photos, and click Next.
  2. Then you select either the one photo per page or centerfold page format option, and then click next.
  3. Then you select the book theme graphics and click Finish.


Note: You can also get these options by selecting the Wizard from the File popdown menu.

Now you’ll see your photos in the flipalbum format. You can add text and other features to your pages. Be sure to save your changes. See the HELP button and/or experiment with the options and icons.


Third Step – Burning a Flipalbum CD.
Select the CD Maker option from the top menu bar. You’ll be asked a few simple questions and then four files will be placed in a folder. To burn a CD you need CD writing software and would select these four files to burn on the CD. This will create an auto-boot CD.


To View the Flipalbum: See the help button for options and instructions. 

Insert the CD into any PC. The flipbook will open automatically.

You can turn pages by just clicking on the upper edges of any page. Note the cursor icon changes when in page turning mode (when you point to the upper edges of any page.)

The images which represent videos or audio narrations have a square white icon in the lower left of the image. Put the cursor over this icon and when it changes to a "Right Arrow" just click and the narration or video will play. There is a slideshow option in the Tools pop-down menu but the audio narrations don’t play automatically in slideshow mode.


A flipalbum CD is one easy multimedia storytelling method for an elder’s knowledge and wisdom to be preserved for future generations. It is recommended that youth be asked to do the technology part and elder’s provide the content as an intergenerational cultural preservation project.  Services at the website allow you to post flipalbums on the web.


Please feel invited to call Frank Odasz, Email: frank@lone-eagles.com  if you have any questions at all or would just like to chat. PH: 406 683 6270.