Use of This Guide for Trainers, and for Fund-raising

This guide is specifically intended to be used as a customizable resource for citizens helping citizens to understand how to realize their own full potential using Internet tools and resources. You're invited to customize any part of this guide, and the matching web pages, to make them more relevant for your local community and culture, ideally with URL's of local examples of web innovations and home-based Ecommerce businesses!

The entire 146 page word-processing file (WORD '97 format) of this guide is available for downloading from a link listed at the top of the online table of contents: . You’ll find it most convenient to click through the links while reading the online version.

Related resources, articles, grant templates, and online courses, including the "Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking," a report on Native American Web Innovations, Spanish Language Educational Web Sites, and two online courses are listed at and .

Distribution of this document as a fund-raising opportunity for non-profits, schools and community projects is specifically encouraged, though written permission is required for any for-profit use of this document. For example, this guide might be customized to be most appropriate for Native American self-empowerment training, and sold at the Taos Pueblo as the "Taos Pueblo Self-Directed Learner's Internet Guide!"

Professionally printed copies are available for $10 each, plus $2.00 shipping.

Custom printings, to include title pages with your community, school, or project's name in the title, are available in batches of 100 copies or more, at no extra cost. Printed copies are less than 1/2 inch thick and are much easier to handle than 140 loose printed pages.

All material in Common Ground: A Cross-cultural Self-directed Learner’s Internet Guide not specifically identified as being reprinted from another source is copyrighted May 2000 by Frank Odasz. You have permission to make copies for your own non-profit classroom or community use. You may not distribute, copy, or otherwise reproduce any of this book for sale or for commercial use without written permission from the author.

To arrange technology training for your school, district, community, or organization, or to request copies, special printings, or reprint permission, contact Frank Odasz, . The printing options, costs, and workshop information are detailed at .

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