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    Building Learning Communities
            A Web Tour at

The New Gold Rush - Are You Ready?
Tales from the Frontier of Community Development
http://lone-eagles.com/goldrush.htm   Part II: http://lone-eagles.com/mining.htm
Mining raw human potential with free web tools. Are you ready?

The Future of Community Development -
Make the Living You Want Living Wherever You Want
http://lone-eagles.com/comdev.htm Published Feb. 2001 in "Future Courses" by Technopress

Community Networking primer
http://lone-eagles.com/articles/networking.htm A good first article on community networks.

The Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking
http://lone-eagles.com/cnguide.htm Created for the Texas TIF project.
Contains 11 Chapters on Ecommerce, youth-based community development, model sites and URLs,
plus a bibliography listing the best community networking guides and resources.

Homesteading the Ecommerce Frontier
Includes a link to a community grant template with rich resources.

The Top Ten Internet Collaborative Tools
Published in ISTE's Leading and Learning with Technology Magazine Dec/Jan 1999 http://www.iste.org

Rural Community Internet Empowerment Resources

The Bootstrap Academy
Do it yourself! Specific low-cost, short-term youth-driven citizen engagement Internet awareness activities. Includes three online mini-courses for citizens, local web-raisings and more.

Lone Eagles Learn to Teach From Any Beach!
http://lone-eagles.com/articles/eagle.htm Learning to teach online; anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Published Nov. '99 in the T.H.E. Journal http://www.thejournal.com

Community Networking Clearinghouse
The best ideas and resources from hundreds of community networks and related organizations.

Community Network Funding Sources and Grantwriting Tips
http://lone-eagles.com/granthelp.htm Specifically for rural community development.

A Free Web Tools Web Tour
Free web tools for collaboration, Ebusiness, and authoring web-based instructional materials

Ecommerce Start-up Training Resources and Free Ecommerce Site Sources
http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks.htm A listing of training resources most people don't know exists.

A Community Networking Applications Web Tour of
educational, business, healthcare and electronic democracy applications

Building Learning Communities through Community Technology Centers
http://lone-eagles.com/articles/build.htm An introduction to Internet self-empowerment opportunities!

Additional Readings from Lone Eagle Consulting

Grant Proposals and Grant-writing Resources you're invited to use:

Seventh Generation Community Initiative:
A Model for Native American Sovereignty http://lone-eagles.com/7gc.htm 

Culture Club: A Youth-based Cultural and Community Survival Strategy
http://lone-eagles.com/cultureclub.htm See also http://lone-eagles.com/capacity.htm and http://lone-eagles.com/trainers.htm

Community content and self-publishing to address the global need for culturally appropriate Internet training visions and resources. Includes a Lone Eagles Apprenticeship Ecommerce program.

The Community Bootstrap Initiative "Doing for Ourselves- Together"
http://lone-eagles.com/articles/boot2.htm   A full USDA proposal model for Dillon, Montana

Creating a Community Self-help Internet Empowerment Model
http://lone-eagles.com/taosvisions.htm   A concept paper with many fundable ideas written
for the Taos, NM Kellogg MIRA project participants, complete with grant template URLS.

A Simple Proposal-writing Tutorial from the Kellogg MIRA project

Alaskan Native Youth Cultural Community Building
A grant proposal written for eight Alaskan Native Villages

Self-Directed Learning Resources:

        Common Ground:
        A Cross-Cultural Self-Directed Learner's Internet Guide
  http://lone-eagles.com/guide.htm  Created for USAID, AT&T and the ERIC clearinghouse.
           An instructional brokerage resource with emphasis on pointing to the best online tutorials,
           and educational resources, on the Internet for self-directed learning. This is the text for the
           online course below "Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction."

          Echoes in the Electronic Wind:
       A Native American Cross-cultural Internet Guide
http://lone-eagles.com/nativeguide.htm   Created for Tachyon, Inc, Internet satellite system provider
           for 60 BIA schools for distribution at the FCC Tribal Telecom conference, Sept. 2000..

  Same resources as Common Ground, (above) but with the addition of over 20 pages of
           carefully reviewed Native American web resources listed by topic.

           These guides are supported by free access to two college credit online classes:

           1.     ED 597 4L - Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction
        Alaska Pacific University Three Semester Credit Version
                      A hands-on course on how to broker the best resources for your classroom.

            2.   ED A597 6L - Designing K-12 Internet Instruction
             Alaska Pacific University 3 Semester Credit Version
                       A hands-on course on how to easily create Internet hotlists, web-tours,
                       lessonplans, project-based learning activities (Webquest, Cyberfair,
                       Thinkquest) and complete online courses using online web tools.

Cultural Resources http://lone-eagles.com/culture.htm and  /multicultural.htm

          Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian K-12 Web Innovations
     http://lone-eagles.com/usaid.htm  A 1999 report for the U.S. Agency for Intl. Development

           Native Alaskan K-12 Innovations Web Tour
           Links to village web sites, web tutorials on building dog sleds,
           web-marketing of village crafts and collaborative projects

           Migrant Education 'Spanish Language' K-12 Web Resources
     http://lone-eagles.com/migrant.htm Links from both North and South America

Multi-cultural Resources and K-12 Project Sites
       Cultural Survival Resources
       Global Organizations Supporting Indigenous Connectivity
       Global Development Resource Organizations

Building Cultural Learning Communities

Alaskan Native Student Electronic Portfolios
http://www.mehs.educ.state.ak.us/portfolios/portfolio.html   Must See!

          Mentoring Projects  http://lone-eagles.com/mentor.htm Models and resources for online mentoring.

Internet Awareness-raising Action Initiatives http://lone-eagles.com/academy.htm

1. Hold a Press Release Competition: Articulate a shared vision, and perhaps some tangible short-term goals.   Hold a competition for the best Press Release on what your community could, or will, accomplish in the next 6-12 months. (At minimal cost, though the sheer will of being determined to make something good happen.)

2. Begin Holding Regular Community Technology Nights
Initiate Youth-driven digital storytelling presentations. Begin regularly scheduled community technology nights to raise awareness and provide a showcase for local innovations and to connect those who need tech-training help with those who can provide it. (Youth and elders, particularly!)

Citizens need frequent informal opportunities to see how other citizens like them are benefiting from Internet innovations. Regular (weekly or bi-monthly) entertainment-style 1-2 hour presentations emphasizing visual web pages, digital art, digital photography, and digital music, presented by locals, particularly youth, would provide the means for generating initial awareness leading toward motivation to learn more. The social recognition for local innovators would be self-reinforcing. A sustainable local community-driven awareness program would result, supported with local and global web-based resources.

3. Create a Community Web Content Competition     with prizes for the best instructional site, best local resource, best collection of resources from other communities and sources, best Ecommerce site, and/or the most entertaining site. Or, hold a competition for the best (fun, or most rewarding) hands-on 15 minute web tour;  using only text and web addresses.

4. Hold a Community Web-raising;   similar to barn-raisings, bring your web-literate youth and citizens together with those who need help creating their first web pages. A community Web-Mall could be created in a day, hosting both business sites and citizen mentoring/topical resource web sites

5. Hold a Teleliteracy drive - Similar to United Way’s ‘thermometer’ fundraising drive. Become the first community to achieve 100% (or a higher percentage of) teleliteracy as measured by:

1. The number of citizens who have sent and email and have
    browsed the web, and/or
2. use email regularly, and offer their expertise via email
    mentoring to the community and/or
3. the number of local citizens who maintain a topical resources
    page and offer online mentoring as a way to contribute to the
    communities’ learning goals.

6. Create a Community Mentoring Program    using the following three short online courses as a train-the-trainers program. Reward with social recognition those with the most mentees that successfully complete the courses.

Three Easy Online Mini-Courses for Internet Beginners

Each of the following free online short courses for citizens could be offered as part of a community teleliteracy program with a certificate of completion and/or an embroidered patch awarded to those who complete the lessons. Citizens could mentor citizens with prizes for those who help the most citizens attain success by completing the lessons. Each of the following mini-courses require only four hours to complete and can be modified as necessary. Determine what your citizens need to know, and create opportunities for them to learn these skills online, either on their own, or with peer mentors.

Mini-course 1:  Internet Self-empowerment - Becoming a Self-directed Learner
Successive hands-on experiences are simply presented to quickly build the skills for using search engines, free web tools, and the Internet to learn anything from anywhere at any time.

Mini-course 2:  Empowering Others through Internet Mentorship
Learn to help build the learning capacity of your community through successive hands-on experiences using Internet collaborative tools and instructional authoring tools for citizen-to-citizen instruction, and mentorship.

Mini-course 3:  Easy Internet Ecommerce for Beginners
Successive hands-on experiences are simply presented to quickly build skills and concepts using free Ecommerce tools, services, and resources, with emphasis on identification of existing successful models that are the most easily replicated, such as Ebay auctions.


A Rural Oregon Community Development Web Tour at http://lone-eagles.com/ruraloregon.htm   has many great resource links for seniors, women, entrepreneurship and much more! You can read about Lone Eagle's community and youth presentations tour in Oregon at  http://lone-eagles.com/new.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com/presentations.htm

An update on major Native American Internet projects is now available at http://lone-eagles.com/adec.htm

Canku Ota (Many Paths http://www.turtletrack.org) is a electronic newsletter featuring a key essay  "Echoes in the Electronic Wind"  related directly to issues and opportunities for Native American communities to make best use of Internet. This article is directly related to key issues behind successful community networking and measurable empowerment of those across the 'digital divide.'
(Echoes Essay at http://www.turtletrack.org/Issues01/Co06022001/CO_06022001_Echoes.htm)